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  1. Cecil......I agree with the super 8 stuff. It was used way too much, and I would rather they had not used it at all. Carruthers said he loves super 8, and it shows.
  2. Old Shep, while I respect your opinion, I couldn't disagree more about the rehearsal dvd. I felt the boys clearly kicked it up a couple of notches at the O2. I agree that the bass seems to go missing in places, but damn it's a live audio recording. The thing I love the most about this release is the honesty of it. They could have went back and overdubbed bass back into it but they didn't. I commend them for that. There are always "bugs" to work out opening night, but opening night wound up being their only night. To think everything would go absolutely perfect is unrealistic. Some technical glitches aren't going to ruin my opnion or enthusiasm of this release. They put on a "monster" performance at the 02. A performance a modern rock band couldn't begin to come close to pulling off on their best day. If you want perfection, then go back and listen to the studio albums.
  3. Okay guys, I'm very confused about Jimmy's recording studio "Sol Studios". On wikipedia, its says Sol was constructed in the early 1980's and sold to Jimmy in 1982. I also remember the band Vandenberg recording their first and second albums there. It also states the Jimmy recorded Deathwish 2, and that Elton John, Mick Fleetwood, and Jeff Beck all recorded albums there in the 1980's. But there are some rather famous photos from 1973 showing Jimmy recording in his home studio, and the pictures claimed his home recording studio was named Sol Studios. I can't find anything else on the net, but there is a Sol Studios on facebook, but it appears to be a concert venue in Australia. So, what's the deal on Sol Studios? Did Jimmy rename the place when he bought it? Does it still exist, and does Jimmy still own it? Thanks.
  4. I love In Through The Out Door. I discovered Zeppelin upon hearing it at my best friend's house. Carouselambra is still one of my favorite Zepp songs ever. Unlike many fans, I never felt Jimmy's guitar took a backseat to anything on this album. Jimmy is all over the place on this record. Even though there are plenty of keyboards from Jonesy, I've always felt they meshed perfectly with Jimmy's guitar and they complimented each other with the perfect blend of both. I thought it was very exciting and different then, and I still do today.
  5. It was an August day in 1980, I was 13 years old, and hanging out with my best friend at his house. My friend's older brother was cleaning out the interior of his car and he had In Throught The Out Door playing on 8 track. That was the first time I ever heard Zeppelin (I guess that unlike most diehards, that's the reason I love In Through The Out Door). It sounded pretty dang good to me. The next day, I walked to K-mart and bought it. The next week, I bought Led Zeppelin 2, and so on and so on. I was at church one Sunday when my cousin came up and asked if I had heard that Led Zeppelin's drummer had died. And of course after that the rest is history. It's a shame i'll never get to see them live, but they were just a tad before my time. P.S.: I've bought the complete 1968 thru 1979 catalog on 8 track, cassette, and compact disc.......LOL.
  6. I have never liked "Since I've Been Loving You", but for some reason, I love "Tea For One".
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