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Supposedly a block of June dates at Giants Stadium?

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Please can't some of these rumors be true!!!!


Will Led Zeppelin launch a full-scale tour following their reunion performance in London on November 26th? Jimmy Page says “Maybe.” Robert Plant says “No.” John Paul Jones hasn’t said anything. Fans hoping for a reunion tour may be in luck, though. BW & BK reports that Zep dates are being planned for the spring. The proof? Well, it’s a stretch. According to some writer’s sister’s boyfriend’s best friend’s younger brother who’s an intern for the New York Jets, supposedly a block of June dates at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, have been put on hold. Does that mean Led Zeppelin is playing? Maybe, but it could also be Bruce Springsteen, who we know is touring hard next year. Or it could be the Dave Matthews Band. Like we said, it’s a stretch. The Web site also reports that “a plethora of merchandise” is currently in production in Asia. When is a plethora of Zeppelin merchandise not in production? The band has moved more T-shirts than Hanes, and “Swan Song” blacklight posters still sell at an alarmingly high rate. Factor in the never-ending chain of album reissues and this claim too can easily be debunked. So while we remain cautiously optimistic, we’re not gonna start lining up outside the Ticketmaster just yet.

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