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REAL Stairway to Heaven piano cover.

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I'm trying to figure out how to play Stairway to Heaven properly, as John Paul Jones did. The bassist in my band also dabbles with keys and I really want to play STH with him on keys. When you go on youtube and look for a STH piano cover, it's people playing the lyrical melody of the song. However, I'd like to see someone play what John Paul Jones played. Since listening to live versions and the piano plays it's own parts like the guitar, I figure he is playing Am scales during the verses. The guitar and piano mirror each other in parts.What I have picked up by ear from listening to boots and doodling on my piano is something like this:

*Disclaimer, I'm not really a piano player. I play guitar and dabble in piano so I could be wrong.


Am, A, Dsus, D, Dsus

Am, A, E, D, C, D


D, D, Dsus4. D, D, Dsus4

Dsus4, Dsus4, Dsus4, D, C

*repeat* then C, ? I can't figure out what chord that is right before the solo section.


A (LH), A (RH)

G, G (LH), G (RH)

F, F (LH), F (RH)

F, F (LH), G (RH)

Now I think he plays this and different variations of it but a constant A, A. It doesn't seem he switches up that part.

Then after Page does the triplets and Bonzo accompanies with the snare beats and Page starts playing lighter, I think Jones does this(he plays both hands at the same time and doesn't hold out the notes):

A A, G G, F F , F F, G. *Staccato*

Then as Page ends the solo, he plays:

A (LH), A (RH)

G (LH) G (RH)

F (LH) F (RH)

He holds the chords briefly in this part.


I'm not completely sure what he does in the first part of the ending but he reverts back to what he did during the guitar solo:

A (LH), A (RH)

G G (LH) G (RH)

then single notes with both hands:

F, A, C, F, E, D.

Then as Page plays notes ascending up the neck after this part, Jones' reverses what he did in the solo and plays:

F (LH), F (RH)

G, G (LH), G (RH)

A, A (LH), A (RH)

A, A (LH), F (RH)

Sorry if this is confusing. If someone who actually plays piano can look at this and get back to me, I'd really appreciate it :)

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