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  1. For me: - Living Loving Maid - Dy'er Ma'ker, fucking terrible - Fool In the Rain, the mamba section ruins it.
  2. Yes, as henerybonzo said, over dub. I once had the ZoSo (IV) basement tapes and he had three guitar solos for it. The first solo, the one on the album and played live, was the one used. I remember hearing the band jam on these tracks jam on the three various solos he had or he just overdubbed the solos and chose the first. I assume it was the dragon Tele which he ran through a small Supro amp.
  3. A couple questions about Jimmy Page's wiring. I found this link that shows how he wired his guitar(s) to get specific sounds and what not but did he... http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=jp_style 1.) Use a freeway switch while Led Zeppelin toured? The diagram only shows a three-way and pictures I've seen only show him, using a three-way switch. However, Gibson put it in their Jimmy Page custom Les Pauls. So does he use them now? 2.) I know he used push-pull pots; were they on both #1 and #2? Did he use them live? I've never seen a video with him pushing or pulling them.
  4. The Song Remains the Same Stairway to Heaven Stairway to Heaven Stairway to Heaven
  5. If they played IMTOD directly after How Many More Times, would Page have just used the Danelectro for both songs? If so, I figure they'd have to take a short break for him to tune up quick.
  6. I think I remember what it was now. Hamburg 3/21/73, was anyone invited onstage to play the theremin while Page played the guitars parts for the first part of Whole Lotta Love? You can here someone playing it in the backround.
  7. IMO, you shouldn't even have sheet music on stage with you. In the studio, that'st a different story
  8. Did you read books or look online? It's not like you couldn't just tune the 1st string to a high C. It would just be EADGC.
  9. Dean Martin. Gibson or Fender?
  10. Gotcha. Well that song was played from Japan 1972 to U.K. 1973 and also a few days on the U.S. summer 1972 tour. My bassist just got a 5 string. He said there is a major learning curve being there is actually a low B string. So yes, you're right.
  11. Strider, I read somewhere that Jones said he did things like different haircuts, beards, the mustaches, etc. to change his appearance so he wouldn't be recognizable in public; so he could walk around and people wouldn't pester him.
  12. Strider is right and just about every Zep fan that has either Southampton show can tell you it is 1/21/73 and 1/22/73. Also, 1/7/73, was Oxford. http://www.ledzeppelin-database.com/geekbaseweb/setpage.aspx?showid=375 Go by that website. That's what I use. Back to the five string, would it have just tuned it EADGB? These photos are from 6/3/73 Inglewood, CA. Jones used the bass for the whole show. This must be Rock and Roll, Celebration Day, or Black Dog. you can see the neck of the bass. And this is any song after the first part of Moby Dick. Jimmy was wearing a red button down shirt with white stripes and black and white polka dots. AS you can see, Jones is still using the first string. http://www.ledzeppelin-database.com/geekbaseweb/photopage.aspx?showid=421 Based on all the photos, he didn't switch basses the entire show.
  13. I'm sure it was Whole Lotta Love into Black Dog as it was every other 1975 show.
  14. I have and have seen pictures of Jonsey playing a five string bass on the 1973 tour. What songs would he have used it for? Would he even use the fifth string?
  15. I love the intro they do before communication Breakdown. It's sooo cool!
  16. I Know You Know - Friendly Indians
  17. They changed the lyrics to "Minnesota Blues." It's not mislabeled.
  18. Two questions; Where was this photo taken? It has to be England 1972-1973 or Europe 1973. And this one I have never, ever seen. It looks 75-ish to me.
  19. Ugh neither lol. Buca or Olive Garden?
  20. May 31 - Happy birthday Bonzo! 5/31/69 - New York, NY 5/31/73 - Inglewood, CA 5/31/77 - Greensboro, NC
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