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  1. For me: - Living Loving Maid - Dy'er Ma'ker, fucking terrible - Fool In the Rain, the mamba section ruins it.
  2. The Song Remains the Same Stairway to Heaven Stairway to Heaven Stairway to Heaven
  3. If they played IMTOD directly after How Many More Times, would Page have just used the Danelectro for both songs? If so, I figure they'd have to take a short break for him to tune up quick.
  4. Dean Martin. Gibson or Fender?
  5. I Know You Know - Friendly Indians
  6. Two questions; Where was this photo taken? It has to be England 1972-1973 or Europe 1973. And this one I have never, ever seen. It looks 75-ish to me.
  7. Ugh neither lol. Buca or Olive Garden?
  8. May 31 - Happy birthday Bonzo! 5/31/69 - New York, NY 5/31/73 - Inglewood, CA 5/31/77 - Greensboro, NC
  9. Edit* Jones' side was stage right. The U.S. 1972 tour he slightly changed his amp set up from what he had in Australia. He had three Marshall cabs, two Marshall amp heads, and two Univox cabs. The Univox amps were most likely for the theremin. San Bernardino 6/22/72 San Diego 6/23/72 Inglewood 6/25/72 In Japan and Montreux, he officially switched to the Marshall for guitars and Orange for theremin set-up that he had in Australia; however, he had three Marshall heads, not two at this time. Osaka 10/9/72 Montreux(specific date is undetermined) 1972 (supposedly 10/28/72) Montreux(specific date is undetermined) 1972 (supposedly 10/29/72) When Led Zeppelin did the Fall U.K. tour in 1972, he had the same exact set-up as he did in Australia and got rid of the third Marshall head on the full stack. This was his amp set up until the end of the U.S. 1973 tour. Aberdeen 1/27/72]
  10. Uh...no. Mmmmm. Those look like Hiwatts to me and its 1971. And he is clearly using more Marshall's than just three. Southampton 3/11/71 Newcastle-upon-Trye 3/18/71 Milan 7/5/71 Berkeley 9/14/71 By this point he had Hiwatts, Marshalls, and Orange amps. However, it was not the set up he used from 1972-1975. Tokyo 9/23/71 You can see the Hiwatts and Marshalls on stage left, Jimmy's side and Orange on stage right, probably Jimmy's, on stage left, Jones' side. And he had TWO Orange amp heads and TWO Orange cab. By the Fall U.K. tour, he had the exact same set up as he did in the U.S. and Japan. London(specific date undetermined) 1971 It was not until 1972 that I did indeed say that the amp set up changed to what you claim happened in 1971. Melbourne 2/20/72 So no I didn't repeat you. But I do admit I was wrong about the switching of the amp head in 1973.
  11. Sorry, I can't find anymore good examples of '77.
  12. What ye ars are we taking about? Because by 1972, he had only one full stack on stage and three half stacks. What years are we taking about? Because by 1972, he had only one full stack on stage and three half stacks: Marshall full stack, Marshall half stack, and two Orange half stacks. One with a Marshall amp head and one was for the theremin with an Orange amp head. Sydney, Australia 2/27/1972 Dundee, Scotland 1/27/1973 San Antonio, Texas 5/22/1973 Inglewood, California 6/3/1973 Later in 1973, he painted the Orange cabinets black. He ripped the Orange label off the front of the amp as he did with the Marshalls and replaced the Orange amp heads with Marshalls. There are more photo's from 1975 that show it. Chicago, Illinois 1/21/1975 US Tour 1975 Chicago, Illinois 1/20/1975 US Tour 1975 By 1977, he got rid of the Orange amps and had all Marshall's. Landover, Maryland 5/28/77 That Marshall cab could have possibly been Jones'. He put all of his beers and shit on it. Maybe it was just there.
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