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Freaky Firefox fun!


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Just discovered this by shear accident while trying to solve an unrelated dilemma here at work.

The new Firefox allows you to view any web page in 3D, rotating around even from behind.

I don't know the specific purpose, but it's related to inspecting the code on a given page.

Still, kinda goofy fun for a couple minutes entertainment.

Only requirement I have found is your computer must have a 3D compatible video card, as most any over the last 5 years or so are almost guaranteed to have.


Just go to Tools > Web Developer > Inspect


Then, in the lower right corner you'll see a button for 3D View.


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Holy sh*t, that's amazing. Just tried it out on the Mac version and it works there too. Cool!

Now we can see how "thick" a site is - how many layers of objects there are on a page - and also, what lurking pop-up stuff is there (which FF seems to represent as objects to the left or right of the main page's margins).

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