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Hi there... and Thank You

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Hi, I stopped by just to say thank you to all of you that post here your reviews, feelings, experiences and also, of course, videos and photos of the show. I am one of those unlucky ones that got no ticket in no way, no matter how I tried:(. You are all I have. Thank you.

Now for my story, briefly... I wrote it once but my computer colapsed before I managed to post it. Shit what else will go bad this week? :).

Yes, I thought about going to London anyway, without a ticket (I am from the Czech Republic), but I realised that I got no chance to sneak into the arena nor buy it outside for a reasonable price (I dont have hundrets of pounds as an university student, really. I could afford 125 pounds + travel expanses, yes, but 300...600...??? For a student? I would have to know about the show years before, not few months lol... I would give up school and find a full time job to get the money!!! (kidding... but not that much heh)).

How fool I was. I Should have TRIED!!! Why? Becouse now, I only sit here. I can barely eat or sleep, I cant do anything but browse internet for new information about THE CONCERT. I have been sitting here since tuesday morning and I am speechless... And by now, I know I WILL GO ANYWHERE ON THE FUCKING PLANET if only I get one more chance to see them live. And I dont mind if that will be sold out. I WILL TRY next time... I promise!

Luckily enought, I did not have to go to work this week and I did not have to go to school as well (I am in the last year of university studies. I have to go to school like once in 14 days... I should learn for my final exams or write a dissertation instead... but... how could I???! I really do not have thoughts for economy these days...). I have all days to sit and watch the screen for anything new about Led Zeppelin. I saw all the vids on youtube x times. I read every topic here on this fabulous forum. Thats why I registered here. That is why I am saying thank you all!!!

So thats it. I am 24, I love Led Zeppelin ever since I was 10. They have always been my band number one... whole my life!!! They mean so much to me!!! And I am sad. Very sad, that I missed my only chance to see them. Jesus how miserable I feel........:((((((.

I am praying for a DVD. I am praying for the tour or at least few more concerts anywhere... I love you Zeppelin!!! You just gave me no chance!!! PLEASE. I BEG YOU. Do some more. It cant end like this:((((.

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