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  1. Hi, I didnt post anything in a while, but still I come occasionally and watch whats going on around zep family. Now I have to post cos I came across this superb band and I need to know your opinion. They are called Siena Root and whatever song I listen to, I just love them. In last few years I came across a bit of really good bands that I got hooked on... Rival Sons or The Brew and few others, but this... I am listening to them all day and cant get enough. That didnt happen for me in years and years. To be exact since I was 11 and discovered Zeppelin... and that has been 23 years ago...
  2. Haha.... For Your Life... first time ever performance... 10/12/2007 O2 Arena London . Cant paste link here for some reason (or dont know how). You will find it, I am sure .
  3. I would prolly go with Comfortably Numb. Both studio or all live versions are just great. I dont think it has 7 mins on studio version, but live versions meet that criterium, so here we go .
  4. Read what he actually wrote... fiasco from audience, not from Page himself. After such a great solo, almost no applause! That was the fiasco in my ears .
  5. Interesting topic. I like Stairway To Heaven as a song title. Even more when it adds to the song itself (how it builds... graduates... like a stairway to heaven... ). Over the Hills and Far Away for no special reasons... I like travelling, so maybe that is why ). Did You Make Her (Jamayker) is a cool word-play song name Good Times Bad Times... weird song name, but somehow it works for me The Rover... I dont know why again, the song is so cool, but even before I heard it for the first time years and years ago, I knew the name and somehow I KNEW the song is gonna be great! .
  6. I used to be a competitive downhill skier and skiing instructor for couple of years too (I dont snowboard at all) and I can honestly say... take up ANY kind of sport, it doesnt really matter if its snowboarding or skiing... just do whatever you find more atractive for you . Its not like one is easier or better or anything. Its a matter of ones taste.
  7. Well, Zoe, this is perfection right there... you look absolutelly stunning!!! .
  8. Ok, just for the Full Circle... I HAVE DONE IT! I flew to Vancouver, Canada on 2nd April. Then I was working in Squamish, BC, for three months on a golf course, after which I went hitchiking to Vancouver Island, down to Seatle and all the way east to Yellowstone. From there I wanted to hitchhike down to Salt Lake City, but a guy with a sound board stopped me... he was going to Oregons mid west coast to hold a music festival... so I went with him and helped with the stage and sound there!!! I bought a car in Eugene, Oregon and drove south to San Francisco, then Yosemite, Death Valley, L
  9. OOOOOhhhhh how do I envy you... I would love to not know them and re-discover them all over again. Anyway. Welcome to the forum .
  10. Hi guys, yea, well as for Canada vs US, I really wanna do the John Muir Trail. Its something I am totally looking forward to. I love Yossemite (as seen in pictures). But I have a one year working holiday for Canada, so I am gonna spend most of my time there... well it will also depend on where the wind will blow me . And yes. Im 30. Like last chance to go out and enjoy every bit of what is around . And I WILL!!! Gonna be fun .
  11. In the Light Rover These are my two firsts... then mb Houses of the Holy or Ten Years Gone Kashimr not last, but not first either. Same with IMTOD.
  12. I think he will, this time, stick to "I INFORMED YOU THUSLY" .
  13. New update, yay! At the edge of March/April, I am going to CANADA. I just got a working holiday visas and I am going to stay in Squimish, BC and work a bit. Plan is still to move in june/july to Yosemite, USA, for John Muir Trail walkthrough after which I will decide if i go on traveling or come back to Canada for some more work before further travels. Looking forward to all adventures ahead of me! Anyone from around there? Whistler or Vancouver? To go to some concert, for a beer, or even, if possible, I would love to maybe jam a bit with some band ?! Dont wanna stay a year or so without m
  14. 7 years? Nah... dont forget its just like 7 hours in Zeppelin time!!!
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