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  1. Hi, I didnt post anything in a while, but still I come occasionally and watch whats going on around zep family. Now I have to post cos I came across this superb band and I need to know your opinion. They are called Siena Root and whatever song I listen to, I just love them. In last few years I came across a bit of really good bands that I got hooked on... Rival Sons or The Brew and few others, but this... I am listening to them all day and cant get enough. That didnt happen for me in years and years. To be exact since I was 11 and discovered Zeppelin... and that has been 23 years ago... Now here we go:
  2. I used to be a competitive downhill skier and skiing instructor for couple of years too (I dont snowboard at all) and I can honestly say... take up ANY kind of sport, it doesnt really matter if its snowboarding or skiing... just do whatever you find more atractive for you . Its not like one is easier or better or anything. Its a matter of ones taste.
  3. Well, Zoe, this is perfection right there... you look absolutelly stunning!!! .
  4. In the Light Rover These are my two firsts... then mb Houses of the Holy or Ten Years Gone Kashimr not last, but not first either. Same with IMTOD.
  5. Red hair you have, you say? . Would you maybe consider contributing to this http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/38-post-a-picture-of-yourself/page-346 topic? . Anyway, why Stormbringer, anyone here knows Deep Purple? )). Not my favourite song, but cool nick name for sure .
  6. Improvisation. Anytime. Anyday. Thats why we all love LZ, no? . And so we like it at any other band too. We? Yes. I am not only speaking for myself here, for sure...
  7. I think they had "an idea". Sure, maybe not AS huge, but fur sure an idea...
  8. I am going to see Rival Sons on sunday. I am soooo much looking forward to it!!! Also in July, I go to see Roger Waters with The Wall Live show...
  9. I loved the video, its really nice! I would have also thought that a fan of JP made it lol .
  10. The title caught my eye and I was wondering what I would find in here, so I clicked it! Beginning looked promissing. A guy who has been drumming for 38 years, widely influenced by godly Bonzo is going to explain some of his timings, swings, give us some insight into how was Bonzo awesome...!!! COOL!!! But then the article itself started and I got a little bit disapointed. All I got from it is.... BONZO WAS FAST... well, I knew that already, thanks... . I expected something more like the talking about When The Levee Breaks, where you explained the thing with his bass drum. That one was very nice!!! I didnt know that!!! I want more of these!!! . What about Kashmir. There is a lot to talk about I think when it comes to Bonzo... At the end, where he attacks his snare drum with such an imense power and in such a speed... somewhere I have heard, that he hits it somewhat off off timing or what, but fitting it precisely, which makes it a brutal masterpiece that not many can play like him... ??? There has to be a lot more remarkables in his plays, give us some, I am sure you know much more! . Anyway, WELCOME to the board, this is a great place to be...! And please dont take my "criticism" hard, I liked what you gave us after all and I am glad you stoped by to share your thoughts about Bonzo, the greatest rock and roll drummer of all time!!! .
  11. I would have to go with Godfather. Love Star Wars too tho .
  12. Lets wait... few more Zeppelin time minutes and all will be revealed . EDIT: One way or another (I am hoping for THE ONE ).
  13. Oh well, yeah, I know noone will bring here some "private" or "inside" info just because some nobody like me asked on the forum ). I just thought, you know, someone has better information then others and maybe some of the guys (RP, JP, JPJ) said somewhere something (publicly or at least among bigger group of friends - not as a secret) maybe? Some other "hint"? And it could be news for us here? I dont know... But yeah, if they could tell, they would do so immediatelly i guess, so my question was kinda naive and ur right ). So forget it and lets wait. We have plenty of Zeppelin time .
  14. 1) So, few weeks later, does anyone has any hint if Capricorns did call Robert (Well I guess they did, right?) ? . Not asking about an outcome or anything, that would be pure speculations anyway, but there are people who actually know Zeps in person, so they could have some kind of info if they did connect, talked... or like anything at all? . 2) Is there going to be any interview with anyone of them soon (the interviewer might ask same question as I did)? 3) What is your opinion... Did they call him? Did they talk about a possibility of doing something? Or did JP and JPJ just take it as another RPs joke and didnt even think about really calling him? Just curious:). The first two points, I dont know anything, so I am asking. As for the third, my opinion is they called him (or specifically JP maybe called all others?), maybe met, had a talk and the outcome is unknown. Maybe RP said he didnt mean it that way, there wont be anything and they go on with their own plans, or maybe they talked, agreed on something, but its still a secret and they will come up with it when its time... we dont know, but my opinion they DID have some sort of talk since RP made the inerview.
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