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  1. My colletion: The t-shirt was designed by myself, Swan Song's logo was so standart and I designed that: In that pics, the t-shirt seems more large that in fact is.
  2. Grateful Dead was one of Robert Plant Bands...
  3. Well, I changed my vote, Bron Yr Aur is wonderful. But the tittle is horrible, a song must have lyrics by definition.
  4. I wish they will plan a tour, it's hard (and expensive) go to London if you are a 16 years old boy of your home That are great news, amazing news. I'm sure Jimmy want, John Paul Jones had nothing against a tour and Plant isn't busy, and I think that Jason I think Jason will not poke their nose but he will accept secretly euphoric.
  5. The Rain Song owns all, 1st SIBLY? I think SIBLY is overrated, but still being a very good song.
  6. 1. The Rain Song (Best LZ song) 2. No Quarter 3. Over the Hills and Far Away 4. The Song Remains the Same 5. Dancing Days 6. The Ocean 7. D'yer Mak'er 8. The Crunge (One of the least good Led Zeppelin Songs)
  7. Green Is The Colour - Pink Floyd.
  8. Post cameos of Led Zeppelin (t-shirts, songs, posters) in movies. I start posting a guy with a Led Zeppelin t-shirt in Scooby Doo:
  9. Yesterday I start writing something private, in one hour (well 1:10) I wrote more than 1100 words, I love it, writing and reading it. Today, a coment in my favourite song is now top coment, simply amazing.
  10. That's the Way - Led Zeppelin
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