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  1. Well, my needle was broken, so I can't play the LP, the LPs are spanish (can be reader Disco 1 & Disco 2), I wish it's only US' problem.
  2. My colletion: The t-shirt was designed by myself, Swan Song's logo was so standart and I designed that: In that pics, the t-shirt seems more large that in fact is.
  3. Grateful Dead was one of Robert Plant Bands...
  4. I have bought a unused LP Physical Graffiti in a shop near my home. The LP are green colored, I paid 35€ (44.9365 USD), is common that kind of vinyls? I took some pics:
  5. I'm 16. I discovered Led Zeppelin by myself, no parents, family or friends. I discovered one of worst bands ever (known as Europe) that introduced me to rock, including Stairway to Heaven. Initially i disliked Stairway to Heaven, but step by step I learned how to love it; after love Stairway to Heaven I start listening others songs of the band. Now I hate Europe, but thanks him now I discovered good music besides classical music.
  6. I'm in love with Grubbsy, Grubbsy has the greatest channel of all Youtube.
  7. Well, I changed my vote, Bron Yr Aur is wonderful. But the tittle is horrible, a song must have lyrics by definition.
  8. Chopin's Raindrop Prelude (the video is not my version, is Dieter Goldman's) Mussorgskij's A Tear Led Zeppelin's The Rain Song
  9. http://www.collectorsroom.com.br/2013/02/jimmy-page-pode-ser-o-novo-guitarrista.html translated with Google.
  10. I wish they will plan a tour, it's hard (and expensive) go to London if you are a 16 years old boy of your home That are great news, amazing news. I'm sure Jimmy want, John Paul Jones had nothing against a tour and Plant isn't busy, and I think that Jason I think Jason will not poke their nose but he will accept secretly euphoric.
  11. Led Zeppelin will not ever return, we know, but I still trying. Totally agree, if they must play in Barcelona (in FCB stadium could be about 100000). The second point, in a tour could be different, acting in a big stadium avoid five shows, look at the spoiler: Two shows in Spain are like four in Syracusse, ten in O2 Arena. Now let's change it: I changed UK, more people see Led Zeppelin in fewer concerts, in the "charity tour" is advantageus, more money, less shows to pay the instalations. But I dislike the idea of the charity concert, Led Zeppelin player four t
  12. It's a intenet petition, trying is not bad... https://www.change.org/petitions/led-zeppelin-tour-one-last-time
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