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Black Sabbath shame about Bill Ward


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Black Sabbath were recording an album with their original line-up , Know it looks like Bill Ward has left for good.

Its a shame because they are very similar in line-up to Led Zep ,though their drummer issue is a lot different

The first time a band member that left in 1979 i'e Ozzy , then Bill and even Geezer left , IT got down to just Tony Iommi , You would have thought they'd have learnt their lesson before now.

Bill Ward says hes on a lot less money and deserves to be on the same because he is an original member,He's been left out before in 1997 they did the Ozzfest tour without him

I will probably buy the new release ,but it won't be the same , especially as Bill Ward is still alive.

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Completely agree with you, I will also buy the release, but it's sick how they disposed Bill and it will not be the same.

Btw, welcome to the forum, have fun and pleased to meetcha.

I suppose now they've got Ozzy back they can claim it's still the original line-up or the first album since 1978 to feature Ozzy

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