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Special thread: those TSRTS soundtrack edits

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The purpose of this thread is to get to the bottom of why highly undesirable cuts from TSRTS movie were included on the remastered soundtrack, DESPITE the inclusion of many extra tracks on the soundtrack, and for example a full-length version of Heartbreaker!!

The hardest cuts to bear are those in the NQ instrumental section and WLL "The Crunge". Come on people, I need closure on this to overcome my disappointment and move on.

Was the reason:

1) To reduce the length of the tracks to make them fit onto a vinyl version more easily?

2) Because Kevin Shirley didn't have time to master a separate set of tracks purely for the soundtrack, so they just used the versions done for the movie?

3) Jimmy just thinks the removed segments were too boring?

I'd love to hear other people's hypotheses. Thanks

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