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The Virginmarys


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I created a thread about The Virginmarys a couple of years ago predicting big things for them. It's taken some time but they've finally released their debut album 'King Of Conflict' this week (feb 3rd) on both sides of the atlantic.

Currently at number 4 on the US iTunes rock album chart it has been getting largely positive reviews. I've listened to it quite alot and although i feel they've played it quite safe with some of the songs it still ranks personally as one of the best rock albums of this century so far. Also i know there are alot of guitarists/musicians who use this forum and i think many of you will be pretty impressed with the quality of guitar work on the record - it's big on riffs and solo's.

For those that fancy a listen



Album Trailer

King Of Conflict Single

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Fantastic band, our little town is very proud of them! :)

The VMs have been an inspiration to the local scene for a while. If you want to suceed in the music world do what they did: lots of hard work, reherse, reherse, reherse, write songs, work on them. make them sound great, make the band sound tight as hell...

They are the real thing folks - catch on to them early, you won't be disappointed!


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About a month ago, I picked up Dead Man's Shoes from a Spotify promotion and put in my starred list. I haven't had time to explore more of their music. I'm glad you made this thread. I'll put them at the top of my list the next time that I go looking for new music.

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US Tour announced

April 2 2013 DC9

with IAMDYNAMITE Washington, USA April 3 2013 Northstar Bar

with IAMDYNAMITE Philadelphia, USA April 4 2013 The Studio @ Webster Hall

with IAMDYNAMITE New York, USA April 5 2013 Firehouse 13

with IAMDYNAMITE Providence, USA April 8 2013 Great Scott

with IAMDYNAMITE Allston, USA April 9 2013 The Club at Water Street

with IAMDYNAMITE Rochester, USA April 10 2013 Brillobox

with IAMDYNAMITE Pittsburgh, USA April 12 2013 The Basement

with IAMDYNAMITE Columbus, USA April 13 2013 The Shelter

with IAMDYNAMITE Detroit, USA April 14 2013 Beat Kitchen

with IAMDYNAMITE Chicago, USA April 16 2013 The Frequency

with IAMDYNAMITE Madison, USA April 17 2013 Firebird

with IAMDYNAMITE Saint Louis, USA

More US dates coming soon!

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Tha album is on Spotify for anyone wanting to check it out before buying. There's also a "track by track" version with Ally & the boys talking about each song in turn.

Just saw in my FB feed that BBC Radio 1 has them at #11 in the Indie Album chart. :)

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King Of Conflict reviews - The majority of the reviews have now been published, and they are overwhelmingly positive, praising the bands songcraft, lyrics, musicianship, and quality of their songs. The few negatives generally focus on them not being original enough and that the album doesn't let up on the rock and could have done with some light and shade to give it some balance. Listed below are the review sites/publications that have given a score along with their critique.

Fortitude 5/5

Big Cheese 5/5

Stereoboard 5/5

Liquid Hip 9.1/10

Viva Le Rock! 9/10

Subnoise.Es 9/10

Hit The Floor 9/10

Alternative Addiction 4.5/5

USA tODAY 3.5/4

Kerrang 4/5

Guitarist 4/5

music OMH 4/5

State 4/5

Indie London 4/5

Metal Hammer 8/10

No Ripcord 7/10

Illuminae 3/5

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