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  1. It was filmed right? It's been awhile but I watched some video of them performing songs from "Houses of the Holy". I really liked it.
  2. I saw Gov't Mule in concert at Memphis about 3 years ago. Maybe it's just me but watching Warren Haynes play guitar was an incredible experience. The band put on a fantastic show and ranks up there at the top of all the concerts I've attended.
  3. I've lurked around ATS for a couple years. I don't give a rats ass about birth certificates, aliens or 9/11 conspiracies. I enjoy the political forums, ancient history and lately the genetically modified food threads. Its a great place to find alternative news. I learned recently from ATS that trading gold and silver will become illegal as of July 15. I would not have known this if not for ATS.
  4. I have a book published in 1962 that is about ships and general ocean topics. There is a chapter about the Philadelphia Experiment. The book says that Congress printed a booklet about the P.E., acknowledging that the incident happened. I wonder what happened to those booklets. I think there was only a few hundred printed and I don't remember the publication date. I'll have to dig that book out. Anyway, reading that chapter inspired me to study physics and the work of Einstein and Tesla. I'm not a physicist by any means but enjoy the subject as long as I don't have to do the math.
  5. I loved seeing them on SNL. My daughter bought Rubber Factory on vinyl for my b-day a couple years ago. I have Magic Potion downloaded but am hoping for a vinyl copy for my birthday this year.
  6. Booker T. and The Drive-By Truckers with Bettye Lavette: Live from the Artists Den
  7. Watched "The White Ribbon". I liked it but can't say I loved it. The way the movie ended kept it from being great, imo.
  8. The latest episode of "Its Always Sunny..." If Rickety Cricket is dead, I'm pissed.
  9. When someone decides to self-destruct, there is nothing you can do about it. They have to save themselves. I know it sounds harsh but the only thing you can do is save yourself. Don't get sucked into the abyss with them. If this person does decide to change then it is imperative that you be there but not until they do.
  10. The top one is my all-time favorite Jimmy picture. I love the expression on his face, so intense. Thanks for posting these Legend.
  11. Sounds like a good read. I have the book, Che Guevara : A Revolutionary Life by John Lee Anderson. A detailed account of Guevara's life (approx. 800 pages). I think Anderson did a good job covering Guevara's character and life. I was fascinated.
  12. Just finished First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde. One of my favorite authors.
  13. Jimmy is hot in that cigarette photo. Love the way they are posing in the picture.
  14. driving through town today, I was listening to the local classic rock station when I heard "Hi! I'm Jimmy Page." Apparently they lined up some guitarists for a station promo. Jimmy has such a lovely speaking voice. Made a good day even better.
  15. I registered on Pandora and signed up for Led Zeppelinesque music. First song up, Kashmir.
  16. Maybe I'm Amazed is good. If I'm in the certain mood, I'll listen to Silly Love Songs. There are about a half dozen others that I like. Do they compare to his work with the Beatles? Thats a big HELL NO. Not even close.
  17. I saw that one at Books a Million last night. I looked at it but bought the Gospel of Thomas instead which somone has listed on this thread. Lots of good recommendations on here.
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