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Cool Zeppelin in Movie trailers


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What song do you think is cool from Zep's catalog, that you have seen on the big screen?

For me its When the Levee Breaks in Argo and Sucker Punch. I just have a big grin on my face when I hear that pounding rhythm pulsating as I watch the trailer.

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There are a few cool movie scenes with Zeppelin:

Fast Times at Ridgemont High: In the car (Kashmir)

Almost Famous: A few great scenes. Fun fact. Did you guys know that the scene where they all sing 'Tiny Dancer' in the bus, was supposed to be Stairway to Heaven. Unfortunately they couldn't get the rights.

Waynes World: In the music shop (First 3 chords of Stairway)

The Fighter: Micky turning the corner (Good Times, Bad Times)

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Opening credits (Immigrant Song)

School of Rock: Racing to the battle of the bands (Immigrant Song)

What else am I missing?

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