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No more music, but gaining writing credibility, hopefully helps our forum relationships


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Here I go japing about myself again, but I would really like to say, that since my music has created so many strains and problems on this forum, I truly will never again post it here, I rather play it life,

however I would like in the defense of my intellectual and moral credibility(to protect myself form further attacks of forum members because of my past and past behaviour on the forum),

to inform you, that beyond having more and more success in music and writing one of the most successful blogs in the country,

I now write official reviews for our local theater, which is a professional theater, with professional actors performing from all over the country and beyond!

My blog means a lot to me and the fact that it was constantly exposed by the editors of the second biggest portal in the country, but at times uncredible blogs were exposed and getting attention and so writing for the theater is really something that gives me credibility

link to the theater site, where I write(in Slovene ofcourse):


and so if I keep everything alright on this forum and say again that I'm sorry for all the trouble


I wish you all best,

Samo Kodela

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Sorry for the smiley, I meant it seriously, I just found it a bit funny afterwards,

because it seemed a bit pathetic, it probably won't help much with some people and my relatioships here were not really that bad, except witha few people

and even then mostly inside my topics!

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Matjaz1, you should do what you want to do....

Don't let anyone around here steer you away from your own way.

Anything said to you, says a whole lot more about them, than it does you.......

stay strong and stick it the fuckers!

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