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John McLaughlin at the Musikfest Cafe in Bethlehem, PA 6/17/13


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Fantastic jazz show at the very intimate showroom, the Musikfest Cafe, in Bethlehem, PA tonight. I can see why all the greats rave about McLaughlin. He is extremely fast with tasty chops. His band was amazing with a bassist who wore gloves, a heavyset Indian gentleman on drums, and a keyboardist who also played drums (there were two drum kits on stage). They played around two hours with lots of songs mixing fusion, rock, and blues. I don't have a setlist and I have have no clue what the names of the songs were. It was all good though!

P.S. This was the setlist from 11/2012 and I do recognize some of the names from tonight.

  1. Encore:
Here's a pic I took.....


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