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Hello to all Fans and Collectors of Led Zeppelin. I do hope that someone can help me with the following information and I have chosen the right Forum to post this as I am new to this. The subject is the first four Albums pressed on German Atlantic Compact Discs. What I wish to know is what is the correct Artwork for EARLY pressings of the three following issues?

1. First CD pressings, full Silver Discs!

2. Gold coloured discs!

3. Bar-coded discs but not the Remastered issues!

Back Artwork especially on Atlantic pressings vary so much sutch as US,WE,CA,YS etc. etc., which are the EARLY ones?

I did not buy CD'S in the eighties at all as I was a Vinyl collector, but at a later date I decided to buy at least some, sutch as Led Zeppelin. I have bought many CDS online but they all differ, some just don't match up at all.

I do hope that someone out there can help regarding details that I am after and please be kind enough to email them to me. If your like me and you like the correct Artwork with the correct disc and bought upon release and still have above items I'd very much like to hear from you.

Thank you for viewing.


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I haven't noticed significant variations, with the possible exception of officially licensed "BMG record club, etc." products and even then the only change a reference to the licensee. The earliest compact disc releases in the United States (and probably elsewhere) were packaged in what was called a "long box", basically attractive cardboard packaging designed to hold the cds in what were formally record bins. The little sticker that kept the cd cases secured was called a "dog bone". The long boxes were phased out fairly soon, and the dog bones phased out soon after.

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