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Paul McCartney + David Gilmour at a Led Zeppelin concert


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On 19 August 2013 at 4:43 PM, Strider said:

No. A picture of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, and Miles Davis at a Led Zeppelin concert would be cooler...and the photo would have to show the boys on stage in the background. For a photo of Led Zeppelin on stage>than a photo of people watching the concert. :D


Paul McCartney was at one of Led Zeppelin's Earl's Court gigs in 1975. That's when he first saw lasers used in a rock show; he feared the lasers were gonna slice Robert in pieces. He obviously was inspired by the Zeppelin concert as the lyrics to "Rock Show"attest.


I agree with you on David Gilmore...I cannot picture him, or any of the Floyd for that matter, at a Zeppelin concert, save for one of those festivals in the early days where they were on the same bill.

No! The coolest photo ever would be a picture of EVERY rock icon, artist and fan gawping jaw dropped at Zeppelin rocking on Mount Olympus as the Gods of Rock!


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