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Me and quite of you lot when starting a new thread ,many times somebody will leave a message about using the Forum Search to see if a similar thread as already be posted on the very same subject

Trouble is that I've found using the Forum Search ,brings up threads that have little or nothing to do with the subject typed in

Has anyone found the forum search any help when searching for a subject all been posted ?

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I use "search' a lot and never had any issues. Try "Advanced Search" to help narrow down the results.

One of the search features some may overlook:

- Display results: [] As posts or [] As a topic list


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Can you be more specific? What are you searching for exactly? What are the issues you're having?

Sam,if I may,......search functions on forums come down to -keywords- correct? That and having time(patience) to look stuff up. :wave: It happens all the time,someone will pull up a topic that hasn't been posted in for "lonely,time."

Thanks,to Sam and the mods for making LedZeppelin.com a great place!!!

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