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    Good evening...welcome to three hours of lunacy....Robert Plant
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    Working out, collecting vinyl recordings, writing short stories and cooking

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  1. pottedplant

    2014 NFL Thread...

    Good news !!
  2. pottedplant

    2014 NFL Thread...

    I miss football so much. It is an emptiness I can't quie explain. So, I come on the thread to keep up with the news and to fill the void a bit.
  3. pottedplant

    2014 Baseball Thread

    OK. I thought this was the contest thread and Paul told me there were two wild card teams only. I think I will just wait for football season
  4. pottedplant

    2014 Baseball Thread

    Picks: Wild cards: Pittsburgh Baltimore AL- East Boston Red Sox AL - Central Detroit Tigers AL - West Texas Rangers NL - East Atlanta Braves NL - Central St. Louis Cardinals NL - west LA Dodgers
  5. pottedplant

    2014 Baseball Thread

    I am going to participate. Could someone please tell me where to go to get a list of the divisions so I can pick my teams? I pick one team from each division for the regular season, right?
  6. pottedplant

    A personal message on my upcoming surgery

    Best of luck to you Rick. My prediction is that all will go well and you will be better than ever!! Let us know how you are doing.
  7. pottedplant

    2014 NFL Thread...

    Oh, intheevening, you are always such a fine gentleman. I did not in any way mean to direct my snarky reply to you. There are some saying that a player by the name of Cole is more talented than Sam.
  8. pottedplant

    2014 NFL Thread...

    I guess I am just a backward southerner from one of those anti-gay states; I mean hell, I can't even do simple math. What I find perplexing is that it is even an issue that needs to be brought to the attention of the public. If the young man is a good player, why is it a big deal at all? Seems silly and Unwarranted to me.
  9. pottedplant

    Zeppelin's main Blues Influence

    There is an album called "Muddy and The Wolf" Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. Fantastic music. In several of the songs You can here the blues expressions Robert uses, also songs the Stones covered. Robert covered a great song by Bukka White from 1937 on one of his recent tours.
  10. pottedplant

    Song Name Game

    The Way You Make Me Feel. - Michael Jackson
  11. pottedplant

    Song Name Game

    In My Life - The Beatles
  12. pottedplant

    2013-14 NFL Playoff Predictions thread....

    As far as I'm concerned, the game is over. Seattle wins. Congrats to all who picked the Hawks. Sad. Denver is a better team Than the shitty game they have played. Peyton left his brain in the locker room. I'm going to watch a movie and work on My fuzzy math.