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Led Zeppelin - Discography (2013) [HD Sound Special Edition]

Ian Yeldham

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Who made it sounds better then original remaster!Original has no power!Page guitar has power and like albums are recorded now!I think it is on Pirate Bay,Seedpeer,Kickasstorrent

Led Zeppelin - Discography (2013) [HD Sound Special Edition] it is in wav

Really great sound,it is not reverb,because you could hear that in Plant voice!

Stereo picture is more wide!

Who did it,it is really great job!Download it and hear it for yourself!

Like Ocean has new dimension!

This remasterer has ears!It is lots of seeded on Torentreactor too,so people like the sound!

Beatles original remaster is bad like Zeppelin,really bad and they have the best equipment in studio!

This one is just great,full sound without reverb!

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Hi everyone. This is my first ever post and wish I was writing about a more joyful topic but I couldn't let this get past. I must say whoever did this so-called HD Mastering job really needs to hang his/her head in shame. This has to be the worst sounding Led Zeppelin I have ever heard and I resent the 6.67Gig I used up in the process. It is drenched in echo right from the start and I am doubtful whether the uploader has actually heard the original recordings. Good Times,Bad Times sounds like someone has scooped out all the good stuff from the guts of the song and just left the husk. It's all downhill from there. Didn't even have the decency to put the tracks in their correct order ie. they're in alphabetical order. This person has treated these precous recordings with absolute contempt and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near any artist's work-especially Led Zeppelin. My guess is he/she is possibly an Audio Engineering student trying to impress their friends. I have heard all sorts of different verions Led Zeppelin's catelog and my preference is the VSL VT 2012 Remasters. They really pack lots of punch and leave the 1992/94 remasters in the dust. The 45RPM 24/96 vinyl box set is worth a listen as well as the 24/96 vinyl rips. I'm not sure whether Richie Kotzen is referring to the original Beatles box set released in 1988 but that was not a genuine remaster except for Abbey Road, Rubber Soul and Help! As for Led Zeppelin and The Doors for that matter they were just transferred to disc with terrible results. I bought the first Led Zeppelin album in 1988and returned it stating there was a scratchy noise a few minutes into How Many More Times. It was exchanged for another but that noise was still there. One must keep in mind that these guys had the best recording equipment available at the time and we're starting to get close to the required technology to reproduce these sounds that Jimmy Page was hearing and storing on those big,fat reels of analog tape in our homes in the 21st century.

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i downloaded this with my 50 friends who liked rock and they are impressed!

so you are a lair!

2012 remaster are bullshit!

judt download Zeppelin with no fear!

nothing is drenched in reverb,because you cant hear a reverb on Plant voice!

i asked one engineer and he said and listened to this remaster and he said it is really good!

vinyl records are history!

there is no drenched reverb,just pumped sound!you dont put reverb on remaster,you expand the stereo picture!

iti s rich sound!

reverb not!

there is no echo!just expanded stereo!

sound taste good!

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Best remaster ever!

Fact is that people are seeding and like the sound and you cant do anything about it!

you can just bitchin!

it is called Jealousy!

people who had great equipment like you said have bought diplomas nollid56!

that old remasters are shit like the Beatles of Abbey Road!Sounded the same!lol

they forgot to remaster!lol

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