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Remembering JFK, this week the 50th anniversary of a dark day


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I thought the "48 Hours of Oswald" was the best show of the week. It really filled in the blanks about Tippett, the shoe store owner, the box-office worker at the show,etc....also Lee's testimony during interrogations with the Dallas Police. Crazy that the detective hand-cuffed to Oswald made the comment, "Well Lee, if someone takes a potshot at you I hope they're as good a shot as you are".

I think one of the most bizarre things about this event is that it was not a Federal crime at the time to shoot the President of the United States. Could you imagine a local police department like Detroit's being responsible for an investigation of this magnitude in this day and age ? A law was immediately passed, but how long would they have waited if Kennedy hadn't been killed ?

My parents took me to Kennedy's grave in the Summer of 1965 when I was 5 years old. It was still temporary, and there was still a constant line waiting to file past.

Excellent points, Bong-Man...and Stryder1978, too.

Thank you also, Bong-Man, for adding your personal recollection to this thread. I always am interested in reading first-person accounts of that time, being too young to remember it myself. I did finally make my own pilgrimage to Arlington National Cemetery years later, and it is a solemn, sobering experience. Just as my visits to Dealey Plaza were when I was stationed at Ft. Hood.

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