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Weird connections


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So many of the 60s era English guitarists, including Page, point to Cliff Gallup as an inspiration. He was of course the guitarist that played on so many of the early Blue Caps records. One record that for years was a difficult recording to find was Cliff's solo record with his own band, called Straight Down The Middle. Now it's like under six bucks on iTunes, but for YEARS, it was one of those holy grails. So I picked this up the other day because I just love that Duo Jet with flatwounds sound, and sure enough, in the middle of this array of KILLER rockabilly instrumentals is this instrumental version of "Downtown" by Petula Clark--a tune most of us know featured Jimmy Page on guitar. How cool it must have been for Jimmy to pick up this record and hear one of his heroes record a version of a tune he was....instrumental in making.

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