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Custom Compile Your Own Companion Disc For Each Album

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Here’s your chance to compile a companion disc for each album tailored to your preferred tastes. The only rules are 1) You must use officially released tracks/companion tracks from the remasters (no bootleg versions), 2) Coda will not be used since we will use the album’s tracks/companion tracks for the actual studio albums, 3) You are not obligated to keep the companion tracks with the album’s session (the idea is to put the companion tracks on the album where they sound most “at home”). You can also “fill out” the companion discs with actual remastered versions of the album’s songs, if you wish, just as long as a bulk of it is comprised of companion tracks. 4) You should keep the flow of the album’s original sides, more or less (as Page did for the real companion discs) but you can insert the non-album tracks anywhere you wish. Have fun sequencing! This is what I came up for mine. I have actually made discs for these. Consider them companions to the companion discs…LOL LED ZEPPELIN SIDE ONE Good Times, Bad Times (2014 Remaster) Babe I’m Gonna Leave You (2014 Remaster) Sugar Mama (Unreleased Mix) Your Time Is Gonna Come (2014 Remaster) Black Mountain Side (2014 Remaster) SIDE TWO We’re Gonna Groove (Alternate Mix) I Can’t Quit You Baby (2015 Coda Remaster - Royal Albert Hall) Travelling Riverside Blues (2015 Coda Remaster - BBC) How Many More Times (2014 Remaster) LED ZEPPELIN II SIDE ONE Whole Lotta Love (Rough Mix With Vocal) What Is And What Should Never Be (Rough Mix With Vocal) Thank You (Backing Track) Heartbreaker (Rough Mix With Vocal) SIDE TWO Ramble On (Rough Mix With Vocal) Moby Dick (2014 Remaster) Bring It On Home (Rough Mix) La La (Intro/Outro Rough Mix) LED ZEPPELIN III SIDE ONE Immigrant Song (Alternate Mix) Hey Hey What Can I Do (2015 Coda Remaster) Celebration Day (Alternate Mix) Since I’ve Been Loving You (Rough Mix Of First Recording) Bron-yr-aur (2015 Physical Graffiti Remaster) SIDE TWO Tangerine (2014 Remaster) That’s The Way (Rough Mix With Dulcimer & Backwards Echo) Key To The Highway / Trouble In Mind (Rough Mix) Bron-y-aur Stomp (2014 Remaster) Hats Off To (Roy) Harper (2014 Remaster) LED ZEPPELIN IV SIDE ONE Black Dog (2014 Remaster) Rock And Roll (Alternate Mix) The Battle Of Evermore (Mandolin/Guitar Mix From Headley Grange) Stairway To Heaven (Sunset Sound Mix) SIDE TWO If It Keeps On Raining (Rough Mix) Four Sticks (Alternate Mix) Going To California (Mandolin/Guitar Mix) When The Levee Breaks (Alternate UK Mix) HOUSES OF THE HOLY SIDE ONE The Song Remains The Same (Guitar Reference Mix) The Rain Song (Mix Minus Piano) Over The Hills And Far Away (2014 Remaster) D’yer Mak’er (2014 Remaster) SIDE TWO St. Tristan’s Sword (Rough Mix) No Quarter (Rough Mix With JPJ Keyboards Overdubs) The Ocean (Working Mix) PHYSICAL GRAFFITI SIDE ONE Custard Pie (2015 Remaster) The Rover (2015 Remaster) Driving Through Kashmir (Rough Orchestra Mix) SIDE TWO Everybody Makes It Through (Rough Mix) Ten Years Gone (2015 Remaster) Desire (Rough Mix) Sick Again (Early Version) PRESENCE SIDE ONE Two Ones Are Won (Rough Mix) Royal Orleans (2015 Remaster) Nobody’s Fault But Mine (2015 Remaster) Candy Store Rock (2015 Remaster) Poor Tom (2015 Coda Remaster) Bonzo’s Montreaux (Mix In Progress) Hots On For Nowhere (Rough Mix) IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR SIDE ONE Southbound Piano (Rough Mix) Fool In The Rain (2015 Remaster) Hot Dog (Rough Mix) 10 Ribs & All / Carrot Pod Pod (Rough Mix) SIDE TWO The Epic - Carouselambra (Rough Mix) All My Love (2015 Remaster) I’m Gonna Crawl (2015 Remaster) Notes: “Poor Tom”, to be honest, doesn’t really fit the mood of Presence yet I do think it fits well where I sequenced it, so I left it in. “10 Ribs & All / Carrot Pod Pod” is one of my favorites from the new remasters but it strikes me as more at home on In Through The Out Door than on Presence. Thus I added it to the former album’s companion tracks. Some of the new companion tracks are worthy and interesting but I just couldn’t squeeze them in anywhere in a satisfactory way. This includes the likes of Houses of the Holy (Rough Mix), Gallows Pole (Rough Mix) and the excellent rough mix of In The Evening. I guess I’ll just have to pull out the real companion discs when I want to hear those.

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