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  1. Its like a zeppelin myth, how good the outrider88 tour was
  2. The songs remained the same Huge mistake in retrospect, in regards to albums of creativity
  3. Again relying upon the epic songs, and being totally out of synch If they approached this with 5 short songs, it would have disjointedly flowed like the rock and roll hall of fame
  4. Great review My favorite part of live aid is jimmy page singing backup vocals on whole lotta love and then head banging
  5. Interesting in retrospect for led zeppelin Although the 1988 robert plant shows were noticeably louder than jimmy pages 1988 shows
  6. To promote his own site, all he would have to do, is post clips of his zooma tour, a one man bulldozer...
  7. Bonzos Montreux on the companion disc, my new go to, bonzos montreux
  8. Gallows Pole, i guess this was the song where page and plant were missing bonzo and jpj the most, with their own led zeppelin in the 90s
  9. How many more times, black dog, the song remains the same, carouselambra
  10. If it was, sick again, custard pie, or the rover....that would have been awesome
  11. But do we need the rolling fucking stones....reminding us that its a ghost town and this is a totally messed up situation? I would think a young hot band, wouldnt even want to write a song about it. But after, look what the cat dragged in, the rs are writing about any fucking thing. Also, god bless them
  12. Thanks man, i got the idea after buying a reproduction presence object off ebay, scaled down, looks cool on stereo
  13. I totally agree with op, if "anything" it should have been a revolving song spot, just for physical grafitti songs!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Actually in isolation, i thought of an idea of a theramin cast in aluminum nickel or steel, whichever metal would work the best, in the shape of the presence object....painted matte black of course. But i could see such an item on ebay, being a must have for zep geeks man caves, all over the world. We could make 2 models, one that gets hooked up to a stereo system and one that can be set up to guitar amps.
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