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  1. Respectfully, jimmy leaving the black crowes tour for a back injury and never touring again....makes sense. Hey, jimmy page did not announce his retirement, he just went out live, with robert plant in 98 and the black crowes in 99, 00.
  2. I like the poetry alot, in regards to the sound, it is like roy harpers, the lord's prayer...except scaled down...to a less is more approach...which i like better myself.
  3. I know john paul jones is all about new music.., but he totally should be touring a 20th anniversary of "zooma" with a delux edition of that record. Without a doubt, the heaviest post zep show ever.
  4. A 45 of, hurting kind?...he has ignored his previous bands work for many years now.
  5. Such a cool story... and yet another testament to duct tape.
  6. I should have said, its interesting that in retrospect, john paul jones would not have been interested in the page, plant project. In regards to new music, it would make sense if john paul jones played on a current robert plant record. Just as it would also make sense for john paul jones and jimmy page make a heavy instrumental record, like zooma.
  7. That speaks volumes...makes it seem the page and plant project was a business deal.
  8. In regards to john paul jones suggesting the recorders and jimmy thinking it would be jpj on keyboards...,i wonder how many stairways they recorded? It certainly would be cool to hear versions with piano, synth in 70, mellotron, or nothing...totally acoustic guitar and bass.
  9. I was thinking of a rick neilson guitar with a hurdy gurdy.
  10. There are comedians and actors with podcasts where they interview people on different subjects and its very interesting....especially when the 2 people talking....are interesting people. Makes for a very listenable and educational podcast. So what i was trying to say was, that i would like to see robert plant continue his podcast, after he is done discussing his own music...being he himself is such a well spoken and interesting person...interview others
  11. Still interesting to think that john paul jones could have replaced charlie jones, ed shearmur, porl thomson, nigel eaton and the banjo player.
  12. Yup me too, i remember there was a time for me in the 80s after reading robert plant interviews, where i was immediately going to record stores and buying huusker du and willie dixon at the same time. Even when he touched upon subjects in the news he was always very centered and smart in responses. I actually would think that someone of his intellect would be very interested in exploring the knowledge of podcasts for education.
  13. I agree with the above, that john paul jones should have been included with the "unledded" period of post zep music. He would have brought some thunder to those records. But i guess thats something robert plant wanted to avoid...the power of zeppelin, yet he knew michael lee was important.
  14. I always liked when robert plant talked about music in general, the history of of rock and the blues and current music. I think he could have one of the most interesting podcasts out there if "he" interviewed other musicians and if he expanded on that with interviewing other important and interesting people. Also, there were cool interviews with page and plant that were like conversations and were interesting...like the one with dave grohl and a few others.
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