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  1. I think Chris Slade with the firm had an interesting eclectic style like Ginger.
  2. My brother just played, "summer nights" the other day Some great vocals by sammy hagar and some mega eddie van halen, such a great song to listen to
  3. "Hammer of the cods" Great username, Cheers
  4. Was working in an area of long island this week, where i was picking up all local college radio. So i heard a show, where they were playing deep cuts from all old bands, where suddenly they played robert plants version of, one more cup of coffee. It sounded so great, so fresh, with moody forlorn keyboards and spanish guitar.
  5. Its like a zeppelin myth, how good the outrider88 tour was
  6. The songs remained the same Huge mistake in retrospect, in regards to albums of creativity
  7. Again relying upon the epic songs, and being totally out of synch If they approached this with 5 short songs, it would have disjointedly flowed like the rock and roll hall of fame
  8. Great review My favorite part of live aid is jimmy page singing backup vocals on whole lotta love and then head banging
  9. Interesting in retrospect for led zeppelin Although the 1988 robert plant shows were noticeably louder than jimmy pages 1988 shows
  10. To promote his own site, all he would have to do, is post clips of his zooma tour, a one man bulldozer...
  11. Bonzos Montreux on the companion disc, my new go to, bonzos montreux
  12. Gallows Pole, i guess this was the song where page and plant were missing bonzo and jpj the most, with their own led zeppelin in the 90s
  13. How many more times, black dog, the song remains the same, carouselambra
  14. If it was, sick again, custard pie, or the rover....that would have been awesome
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