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  1. I have never heard of this song, but i ended up listening to roger daltreys version of, as long as i have you, and was amazed even more with what led zeppelin did with that song. They processed it through a machine or something and completely made it this huge powerful epic...that reflected the early vision of the band..,the stuff page and plant talked about... I listen to the garnett mims version and i hear an influence to gnarls barkley, crazy in vibe and style.
  2. "A standard led zeppelin rollercoaster ride" is a good description for alot of the1980 tour in general. Always my 2cents is the setlist should have been changed up..
  3. Recently listened to the show and enjoyed good times bad times and ramble on the most...there was something about the uncertainty and yet adventurous spirit of those first 2 songs that kind of reflect the whole show in a way...
  4. I agree, this video was an artistic acheivement back in the video days. It illustrated the song nicely and fm rock radio had turned to playing travelling riverside blues alot in the mid to later 80s...so again, the timing was perfect for led zeppelin marketing.
  5. Worst display ever......almost apocolyptic looking to me It is anti led zeppelin imo
  6. Yeah i agree, the keyboard, vocal and band sound was so great that night with kashmir...so that ya can imagine how good anything else would sound. Kinda torturous actually
  7. In regards to Plant and Jpj , it would have been cool to hear in the evening or carouselambra.
  8. On tour over europe setlist, jpj talks to jimmy. Jpj: jimmy the band would like to discuss the setlist regarding a couple of the old songs like, stairway to heaven and white summer possibly being changed out of the setlist. Jimmy: no. Jpj: ok
  9. I think it works well without a vocalist, so one vote for playing without a singer. As mentioned above, i also could see you guys touring and a live show with volume being a great thing. Still the videos are a very cool illustration, one gets to see the mechanics of the songs and again its interesting without singing.
  10. This is nice to hear, there are getting to be very few bands, artists where its a definite for me to buy any new records from.
  11. Wow, that was some very tasteful and authentic music brought to that song...sounded great, nice flow and listen.
  12. I must say, i have not watched that video in many years and that sound improvement is great. I much prefer listening to todays produced live shows from fans over the official live releases. I totally think that there should be some section on this site or another site, where people can share their sound production of live shows.
  13. This might be robert plants first solo song...he might have used the same mic and production for the honeydrippers.
  14. There are water based paints with acrylic paint in them, that basically have the durability of old fashioned oil base paints. This is blowing my mind that its a sticker. They have to explain the benefits...maybe its more durable and has better color retention?
  15. To me, cutting the waffle was the opening of the 80 shows, the first few songs. But after that, between the epic songs and the new songs there is a giant void. For example, if they only edited stairway and sibly, that would leave space for 3 general zep songs they recently were playing 79...over the hills, misty mountain, celebration day. So that still leaves the rain song, achilles last stand and kashmir in the set. Three epic songs...and they were wanting to play the rain song, you can hear it. Also, just for some added change up songs to the othafa mmh celebration....., like levee, the rover, night flight, or anything else.
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