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  1. I actually think this is the tip of the iceberg for artists and bands that are famous. I could see a record of jimmy page early works, all without vocals, this way the listener could focus on the guitar and not hear dated vocals. From all the session stuff , yardbirds, lord sutch, early zeppelin..........to a later release of later zeppelin, the firm, page and coverdale , page and plant material.......all without vocals.
  2. The one rehearsal, jam session reported on the most...... was the post live aid session they did with tony thompson. This is where robert plant says that jimmy page was not into the project, showing up late to the jam sessions and dropping his batteries for the fuzz box on the floor and picking them up etc. Then tony thompson had a car accident and that ended the possible led zeppelin sessions.
  3. They totally deaden the feel of said riff there and add drums and full band effect and make a song from said spark there....if that is the fucking case.
  4. Yeah i don't know about that...with some inspirations its interesting to hear the changes and with this one the changes mean a lot.
  5. I always liked matchbox cars much better than hotwheels cars. The matchbox cars suspension was normal...not like the hotwheels where you would test the suspension and then that tire would stay bent. Atleast matchbox cars had a wire grade suspension that was pliable. Ofcourse this lent to the actual movement of the cars...the matchbox cars rode across a linoleum kitchen floor much better than the hotwheels cars. The matchbox cars were a better build, paint to wheels and didnt go cheap and diecast like hotwheels did. Sorry for the 10yr old flashback.
  6. I am hearing the new beck songs on the radio and noticing that they are still very commercial and pop...like his 2017 album colors. Maybe beck is commenting on todays music industry, while competing with the changing music market. Still, i could hear bruno mars or taylor swift covering becks, colors record. In fact i could see it as a great exercise, for record companies to ask young artists or bands to put their stamp on becks, colors album, to hear what they would do.
  7. I hope the black god told the golden god how much he is missed in the hard rock community.
  8. Led Zep is trying to bring the van back...? It looks like jimmy is signing off on these and he is thinking a van and or truck is the best space for a lz album logo.
  9. There are alot of people on this board that do excellent sound mixing, so please get in contact with one of them and send them one song to work on. Then we can all hear the basic quality of the tape, ofcourse the whole show may not be great.
  10. Thanks for the responses, yeah i agree that bluebirds over the mountain song was great. These 2 voices work so well together and its a unique take by plants band here and they could clearly make a great record.
  11. Can you hear an album of these 2 unique voices in rock music???
  12. There most likely are versions of sth by page, jones and jason practicing for the O2 that will never be heard.
  13. I have to agree, the 1988 instrumental of sth was very memorable and a powerful live show moment and memory....which i am surprised jimmy page would not want to give that moment to many many more young fans over the years. So honestly, i think its jimmy page who let that song fade away. Its a shame, cause the song took on another life with the audience singing and jimmy conducting us along the way.
  14. I bought the beck album from 2017 colors It is soooo commercial and pop on purpose. And GREAT. I usually bought beck records for total weirdness and drunken bob dylnesque lyrics. Yet this album works....this guys creativity is actually crazy.
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