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  1. What about the guitar sustain glitch, why leave that? Cause artists want to leave things, almost as good as they can do
  2. What was your preferred party band music, back in the day, or now Either in bars or at parties, some of the best drinking and party music ever made I myself have to go with acdc
  3. I would buy a "now and zen" album of demos and outtakes of messy analog tapes, rather than listen to the cold digital recording of the album again.
  4. This has always been a show that should be officially released The 90s cd played too fast though, which made it too good on first listen, then less listenable
  5. I thought that reverb effect was great in 1980 on black dog, trampled underfoot and that 80wll jam section. Also it was an important part of kashmir 1977.
  6. Angus has some of the dirtiest most nasty riffs in hard rock. He is a legend in rock music and the band ofcourse. So great to listen to this band, loud.
  7. Wtf, a remastered video? I never heard of that before. To me this song is sort of like "pink and black" from shaken n stirred. Maybe robert plant brought page in, to backup his solo career at that point, maybe even record co pressure after shaken n stirred failed commercially. Why zep riffs were used here, seems very strange....and why Plant gave the ok on the final production of now and zen amazes me also. I can understand, that he was trying to follow up a failed albums ideas by making something more accessable and commercial, to hopefully stand up the previous album. But the production here in digital is not easy to listen to. It was common for ddd digital records to get it wrong back then, but why did the grateful dead, get it right, with in the dark 1987? I listen to "in the dark" all the time and rarely listen to "now and zen" cause its such a hard listen. Ofcourse overtime shaken n stirred is a great album musically, but was a huge departure at the time.
  8. Great immigrant song. Bonzo is great to see...and jimmy
  9. I do not think "sth" would have anywhere near the run that it did since 1971 Today in America, it would be in a strata of country music and hip hop and pop being far more popular than rock I am thinking of either a mumford and sons version of sth or metallica version via how led zeppelin would sound today And it would be totally different in regards to popularity
  10. Just to comment about recent soundboard, it was great to hear a seriously inspired "sibly" and "sth" They drifted far away from the original inspirations as the decade went on. They could have left those songs as monumental pieces, by not overplaying them. Maybe plant and page should have not played "sibly" in the 90s also. Why not leave it as a strong blues epic of the 70s and move on to variety live...as their records represented in zep and post zep
  11. After listening to some of Chrissie Hyndes current record of jazz covers I could totally picture a honey drippers inspired collaboration with Plant of 50s rock and jazz songs, with Brian Setzer on guitar and whoever else.
  12. Why would the band have better material out there on bootleg, than they officially release? It does not make sense, they should catch up in the marketing world already.
  13. Amazing recording Maximum Jimmy
  14. Great playing by page and the whole band. In regards to stairway, you would think they would want great versions like this to be out there for everyone to hear. In retrospect, you can see the importance of letting a great song run its course and then there being times, to not play that song.
  15. These guys should be up there with aerosmith Super popularity
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