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  1. Very interesting in regards to the playabilty as a record vs being blown away by just one song.......
  2. kirchzep27

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    Totally, there has to be 45mins worth of that slate quarry set alone.
  3. kirchzep27

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    I wonder what the whole slate quarry set was....i would like to hear the rest of those songs, on the video they looked to be having so much fun. To me, the "unledded" vibe was best represented there.
  4. I bought the arizona vcr tape for $30 back in the 90s. Man that was raw sound...but it was cool to hear.
  5. I wonder if geddy's lead playing had any influence on john paul jones, zooma album...
  6. kirchzep27

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    Thats good for you, but i think, achilles last stand and in the evening would have been better than dazed and sibly
  7. kirchzep27

    The Firm Thread

    It was a very cool journey for me to appreciate, the firm. There are times where they seem very simple and humble sounding....and then there are times where they were this simple humble kickass rock band. So much music to appreciate with the firm, with some of their songs seemingly flat in regards to what was going on in the mid 80s and as time goes on, thats why i appreciate those 2 records more. I guess there would never be a remaster series with companion discs. But for many years the firm vinyl sounded much better than the cds from decades ago. If they, the firm or jimmy ever gets to it, those compact discs deserve a remaster...because the fretless bass and drums were hindered alot on the cds for the overall sound. As for jimmy page and paul rodgers, such a cool accomplishment for creating a band where we did not think about led zep or bad co.
  8. kirchzep27

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    I liked hearing that 2007 version of dazed and confused alot. Just from reflecting on this show being all electric, we know all zep electric songs are all heavy...so for a show for ahmet ertegun, why not another epic which is heavy and yet bright, just as in the evening would have been and a triumpth kind of feeling to see page, plant and john paul jones. But ultimately i think achilles last stand would have had that bright light effect, like it did in 77 and 80...so thats why it could have been sooo cool. Also could have been switched out for sibly for my 2cents.
  9. kirchzep27

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    I think if they switched out dazed and confused with achilles last stand...it would have rounded that show much better.
  10. kirchzep27

    Jimmy Page photo shoot at Abbey Road Studios

    Wow, how can you say never for 98? It truly is a part of led zeppelin's history, in regards to page and plant. We loved jimmy in 98, the crowd was going crazy over well played led zep songs. I see atleast a deluxe edition of this record one day...as the marketing suggests
  11. kirchzep27

    The Best blues song ever made by Zeppelin.

    To me it's, i can't quit you baby I have overlooked and rediscovered this song for decades. For me, i enjoyed "since ive been loving you" in my youth, but i honestly did not like hearing it on unledded, although enjoyed it live in 95. It actually has a "stairway to heaven" aspect to it, where on listening to live shows...i totally get worn out from it.
  12. kirchzep27

    EV Tutankhamun Box" Just Spotted!

    The bootleg market is finally grinding to a halt.
  13. kirchzep27

    Jimmy Page photo shoot at Abbey Road Studios

    Maybe he is working on a deluxe release of, walking into clarksdale, with a companion disk thats bright and sunny. Hopefully there is a significant release of the 98 tour one day, either an overview or one whole show.
  14. kirchzep27

    Current music recommendations

    The Lemon Twigs
  15. kirchzep27

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    I miss the old days, when we just hated disco music.