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  1. There are alot of people on this board that do excellent sound mixing, so please get in contact with one of them and send them one song to work on. Then we can all hear the basic quality of the tape, ofcourse the whole show may not be great.
  2. Thanks for the responses, yeah i agree that bluebirds over the mountain song was great. These 2 voices work so well together and its a unique take by plants band here and they could clearly make a great record.
  3. Can you hear an album of these 2 unique voices in rock music???
  4. There most likely are versions of sth by page, jones and jason practicing for the O2 that will never be heard.
  5. I have to agree, the 1988 instrumental of sth was very memorable and a powerful live show moment and memory....which i am surprised jimmy page would not want to give that moment to many many more young fans over the years. So honestly, i think its jimmy page who let that song fade away. Its a shame, cause the song took on another life with the audience singing and jimmy conducting us along the way.
  6. I bought the beck album from 2017 colors It is soooo commercial and pop on purpose. And GREAT. I usually bought beck records for total weirdness and drunken bob dylnesque lyrics. Yet this album works....this guys creativity is actually crazy.
  7. Dude that was great. New orleans, totally agree. I am not a musician, but its so cool that you share your knowledge.
  8. I found anthonys list to make a lot of sense and i definitely agree with his top tier, but my list would be, S, physical graffiti, led zeppelin 4 A, presence, in through the out door, houses of the holy B, led zep 1, led zep 2, led zep 3, the new coda
  9. There is a nice osaka sound mix to the last video... This looks like its a great music vehicle for everyone in this band. It seems to have an element of "fun" that some of jason's other projects maybe didnt have.
  10. Where do i turn my led zeppelin card in?
  11. I traded, vinyl destroyer, a cellarful of noise, and a bbc section single record, all on vinyl and paid up for the new zurich cd in the late 80s.
  12. Respectfully, jimmy leaving the black crowes tour for a back injury and never touring again....makes sense. Hey, jimmy page did not announce his retirement, he just went out live, with robert plant in 98 and the black crowes in 99, 00.
  13. I like the poetry alot, in regards to the sound, it is like roy harpers, the lord's prayer...except scaled down...to a less is more approach...which i like better myself.
  14. I know john paul jones is all about new music.., but he totally should be touring a 20th anniversary of "zooma" with a delux edition of that record. Without a doubt, the heaviest post zep show ever.
  15. A 45 of, hurting kind?...he has ignored his previous bands work for many years now.
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