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  1. Most of us are desperate to see more footage. Music & visuals can say a lot more than mere words can. I'm hoping the Bath footage is included in this, the timing sounds spot on.
  2. I too thoroughly enjoy the video. Used to have it on VHS for years before it came out on DVD. I never watch it now but it was brilliantly put together.
  3. Having said that, he's probably banged more women that you or I have had hot dinners.
  4. Me too, Porgie. I know he loved Crime of the Century by Supertramp but I don't know where this thing about them being his 'favourite band' has come from.
  5. There's nothing serious coming from Led Zeppelin or Jimmy Page, unless you're counting trainers & snowboards.
  6. The two books I have specifically about John Bonham are:- A Thunder of Drums - Chris Welch John Bonham, the Powerhouse behind Led Zeppelin - Mick Bonham Was his favourite band Supertramp? I don't recall seeing that anywhere.
  7. I think a lot of it was late 60s macho, showing off, especially live. Most rock drummers were at it then. There's an interview with one of Bonham's old bandmates in a book I've got, he says Bonham turned up at his house with a copy of the first album & when he played it, the other guy said to him, 'Where are all your fills, John?". When you look back on that album now, it's pretty heavy on the fills as well, so you can only imagine what Bonham's playing was like in the mid 60s.
  8. This is correct, Page had Grant tell Bonham to calm it down a bit or he would be out on his ear. I think time has proved Page right as well, Bonham's drumming has aged better than the likes of Mitch Mitchell, who did overplay a lot in the studio.
  9. It doesn't detract from his performance at all but it's easier to play some of those parts with a double kick pedal.
  10. Do yourselves a favour & give up hoping for anything, it's not going to happen by the looks of it unless you dress like a teenager.
  11. Jason was using a double bass drum pedal at the O2.
  12. I liked the picture of Bonham in the baseball cap as I'd never seen it before.
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