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  1. Mook

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    Jason was using a double bass drum pedal at the O2.
  2. Mook

    The Led Zeppelin III Story...

    Load of bollocks that.
  3. Mook

    Presence Reiusse

    I liked the picture of Bonham in the baseball cap as I'd never seen it before.
  4. Mook

    The Led Zeppelin III Story...

    About as close as you can get to the perfect album. I'm not sure about the backlash at the time because I hadn't been born yet but boy, were those people who rejected it missing out.
  5. Mook

    Zep Songs You Didn't Like, But You Like Now

    I don't see it as a James Brown 'piss take', they were all big James Brown fans so it was more of a homage than anything else. Whatever you think about The Crunge, the drums are incredible, the sound as well as the playing. I absolutely love it.
  6. Mook

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Those Vans are honking but I want the shoe box.
  7. Mook

    Backing Vocals on Thank You

    You can hear Bonham quite clearly on Bron Yr Aur Stomp on DVD.
  8. Mook

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    We need Adidas Led Zeppelin trainers, then I'll show an interest ///
  9. What's out of tune on Charlie Parker with Strings? Genuine question as I have that album & have never noticed anything, I certainly wouldn't want anyone going near it with Pro Tools.
  10. They could've at least got a retro Ludwig front bass drum head. Beautiful kit though & great to see it find a home where people can share in it.
  11. I'm a big jazz listener myself but I don't see the need to put other things down, Eddie Cochrane & Elvis were brilliant too.
  12. I would point out that I'm a huge fan of both Jon Hiseman & Billy Cobham by the way. All of these people are music legends for a reason & all very different in the way that they play.
  13. Jon Hiseman was a huge John Bonham fan. I would suggest going back & watching Moby Dick from the Royal Albert Hall gig, Bonham had fantastic technique & a great knowledge of his rudiments. Bonham admitted himself he was no Buddy Rich but in terms of rock drumming his feel is unmatched, you can have all the technical ability in the World and never make people feel as good as Bonham did.