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JAM's top 10 discs of 2007

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JAM's top 10 discs of 2007


Senior Editor, JAM! Showbiz

It's impossible to listen to every album that comes by our desk in the span of a year, but we did manage to come up with 10 musical efforts in 2007 that will be taking up critical computer space well into 2008.

(Of course, lists like this are not a science, so please don't send us hate emails -- and please -- no wagering.)



(Dine Alone/Universal)

Just to prove that not all the great Canuck bands are coming out of Montreal, this Welland, Ont. foursome's debut album delivers a healthy mix of old school rock, folk and enough songwriting chops to give the impression that these guys have been around for awhile.

ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "Come What May," "Young Leaves," "Broken Things."

FURTHER LISTENING: www.attackinblack.com

9. M.I.A.



30-year-old U.K. rapper/activist M.I.A. backs up her fierce political overtones with a strong attitude and stronger voice on her second disc.

It's all there -- dancehall, reggae, hip-hip, rock and pop -- and she fuses the different styles in seamless, convincing fashion.

On a side note, she was also one of the highlights of this year's Virgin Festival in Toronto, where she made Salt n' Pepa's old stage antics seem tame.

She sent security into a panic after inviting 100 plus concert-goers to hump the stage along with her.

ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "Bamboo Banga," "Bird Flu," "Family Band."





In what could be a exercise in a game of "spot the influence," Brooklyn N.Y.-based The National unleash an album full ambitious tunes that certainly wouldn't sound out of place being played between U2's "The Unforgettable Fire" and The Smith's "The Queen is Dead."

ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "Mistaken For Strangers," "Fake Empire," "Squalor Victoria."

FURTHER LISTENING: www.americanmary.com


Era Vulgaris


After taking a step back with their previous effort, "Lullabies to Paralyze," QOTSA return with a vengeance and deliver what desert rockers are known for -- heart-pounding tunes, quirky tracks, and clever lyrics. They have now mastered the art of the catchy rock song.

ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "Sick, Sick Sick," "3's & 7's," "Make It Wit Chu."

FURTHER LISTENING: www.qotsa.com


Favourite Worst Nightmare


After getting a mountains of praise for their debut disc, the Monkeys, instead of retreating forever to write/record the dreaded follow-up, they did the exact opposite -- they released one the next year. And it turns out not to be so dreaded, after all. And no, they don't go all "mature" and start breaking out 6 minute rock songs, they stick to what worked the first time around -- more honest, infectious and energetic rock songs.

ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "Teddy Picker," "Old Yellow Bricks," "Brianstorm."

FURTHER LISTENING: www.arcticmonkeys.com


Because of the Times


U2, Radiohead and the Strokes have all praised them. Now it's time for the rest of the world to catch on. Three albums in, it looks as if Tennessee's Kings of Leon now have a few more listeners, judging by the chart success of "Because of the Times" (Debuted at No. 25 in the U.S.).

ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "On Call," "Knocked Up," "Black Thumbnail."

FURTHER LISTENING: kingsofleon.com


Our Love to Admire


Pace certainly does seem to be the trick for New York's Interpol. Three albums in (although this one is their major label debut), and the band seems to be finding their own. "Our Love to Admire" features more expansive arrangements, weightier lyrics and better production than their previous efforts.

ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "Pioneer to the Falls," "Pace is the Trick," "Yellow Sun."


The Diableros Aren't Ready For the Country

(Baudelaire/Outside Music)

One of the best rockin' bands around just happens to be in our neck of the woods. Toronto's Diableros deliver a beautiful mix of soul, rock and pop melodies on their second studio album -- which happens to be our favourite Canadian effort of 2007.

ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "Any Other Time," "Up in the Mountain Range," "Turning Backwards."

FURTHER LISTENING: thediableros.com


Myths of the Near Future


The Klaxons turned many a head in '07 with their ambitious blend of dance-punk and pop sensibililities.

A few of their accomplishments included the Nationwide Mercury Music Prize and NME's "Band of the Year." Well deserved.

ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "Golden Skans" "Atlantis to Interzone," "Totem on the Timeline."



In Rainbows

(MapleMusic/Fontana North)

"How come I end up where I started/ how come I end up where I went wrong," Thom Yorke wails in "15 Step," the opening track of the glorious "In Rainbows."

If he's referring to his band's brand new disc, he's got us fooled.

Sure, the band got loads of attention by being the first band to offer up their disc digitally via their website and letting fans pay whatever they want -- but by no means are these bargain basement tracks.

On their seventh studio disc (yes, that makes us feel old too) the British alt-rockers once again set their own musical mark and enforce it.

ESSENTIAL TRACKS: "Jigsaw Falling Into Place," "15 Step," "Bodysnatchers."

FURTHER LISTENING: radiohead.com

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Ryan Adams, "Easy Tiger" (EMI), Arcade Fire, Neon Bible (Merge); The Besnard Lakes, "The Besnard Lakes Are the Darkhorse" (Outside Music); Dinosaur Jr., "Beyond" (Fat Possum); The Good The Bad & The Queen, "The Good The Bad & The Queen" (Virgin/ EMI); Handsome Furs, "Plague Park" (Sub Pop); Kaiser Chiefs, "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" (Universal); Love of Diagrams, "Mosiac" (Matador); Smashing Pumpkins, "Zeitgeist" (Warner); "Son Volt, "The Search" (Sony-BMG); Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (Merge); Kanye West, Graduation (Roc A Fella); White Stripes, "Icky Thump" (Warner); Wilco, "Sky Blue Sky" (Nonesuch).

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