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EVSD 40th Anniversary Earls Court set


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When I saw this I got pretty excited. I usually like ESVD releases so was eager to start listening. Started with the 25th. What happened? It sounded crap. like it's been mixed for inside of a tin box. I've played around with manual equalization as it still sounds crap with presets but I had to give up. A very tinny sound and with Jimmy's guitar 'blurred'. Terrible.

I compared it to King Jimmy and the West Bromwich Blues Band (Bluecongo) and When We Were Kings by EVSD. Both of these releases sound far better than 'Great Taste Last Night'. Amazing; they must have got some work experience kid to mix it.

Of course I may be in a minority of one but it does sound really bad to me - not as bad as Buck Rogers (Tarantura) though!

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