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The High School Reunion


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Yeppers, my twoscore High School reunion is later this summer and I got to thinking:

My school graduation ceremony was five or six days after I had seen Led Zeppelin on May 18 and I was still figuratively buzzing.
So, to bump this energy forward a pile of years, knowing there will be a group photo of the event, I was thinking I might need to employ or partially borrow a pose from the Tall Cool One.

Here's where I'm soliciting input from fellow forum members. What would be your go to photo where Plant resonates in a situation as this?
(unbuttoning my shirt is optional, but probably won't happen)

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So I guess using a jeans so slim you can see your package is a no as well :D

Do you have long hair ? I guess the best way to go is a blue jeans a bit beat up, that would go just a tiny bit over your shoes and  a shirt, no necessary open even though that would help !

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