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Best way to buy all LZ on vinyl with digital download

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This has been my favorite bad of all time and I have several LZ CD's but I have not bought any digital downloads because I knew the day would come when I could afford to buy all the music at one time. Due to Hurricane Harvey I lost my stereo system and lots of my music and I am thinking about buying a turntable and getting into vinyl but I also want to be able to download it so I can listen to it on bluetooth and have it in my truck, Bose system, etc. I saw there was a 10 CD package I could buy but did not see it in vinyl. I am starting over completely and would love any advice yall can give me on starting with vinyl and if it is worth the time and money? I want to buy all of LZ music at one time. If you were starting over with new sound system and assuming you have no music what would you do? Wondering if I am crazy to start buying vinyl instead of CD's?? Am I crazy not buying the 10 CD package?

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