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Album track listing (each side) for TSRTS 2018 re-master?


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I was wondering if anyone had the track listing for each side of the 4-LP re-master of "The Song Remains the Same" (2018)?

Amazon just lists what tracks are on each album -- not what constitutes Side 1 & 2 of each album.

My guesses:

LP #1:  Rock & Roll, Celeb. Day, Black Dog, Over the Hills, Misty Mtn., Since I've Been Loving You, The Ocean.  MY GUESS IS SIDES SPLIT BETWEEN Over the Hills... AND Misty Mountain Hop?

LP #2:  I'm guessing Song Remains and Rain Song first side AND No Quarter second side?  (seems like a waste of vinyl on side 1 :run:realizing time and format constraints)

LP#3:  Dazed side one, Moby Dick side two (pretty obvious)

LP#4: Stairway to Heaven side one (a 12-minute song taking up one side?), and Heartbreaker/Whole Lotta Love side two (?)


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