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a long awaited reunion..if only for one night

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i can not actually believe they are doing this!..i was psyched when they were going to tour america again back in what...1980? and the tragic passin of bonzo, i was stripping a 69 cougar with buddies when we heard of skynyrd's plane crashing, and i was with friends when we heard over the radio in Hartford, Ct about bonzo. over the years i have had every Zeppelin album/disc/8-track at least 6 times, along with a few hard to find unreleased songs from concerts they have done. at 43 years old, i will be buying the song remains the same again today, and a case of budweiser heh heh... and my friend is coming to get me so we can relive memories of keggers listening to zeppelin ...ahhhh..a few more brain cells to fry!..thanks Zepp!!!...Rock on!!...and please...give us a tour..i am one of the millions who remember what rock was .

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thats right man!!

comon zep dont let us down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totally Agree with this post! To all the Band members or influential Zeppelin staff, please pass along our desire from those that are Stateside and may be unable to attend the O2 show, that we sincerely would enjoy seeing and of course hearing Led Zeppelin on this side of the Atlantic once again performing a complete Zep Set!

It would be amazing experience for those to young to have seen the original lineup flying across the globe back in the seventies! The many reunions and benefits up until the O2 show were just not enough material nor the quality to get the juices flowing for all of us DieHard Zeppelin Fans! Jimmy knows that alot of those gigs were not of the best sound quality possible for the caliber that they are capable of!

I dearly hope that they will strongly work together on considering going forward with Zeppelin as working band and touring with Jason Bonham. It would be incredible! Maybe there's a possiblity of them writing some new material together!

We we definitely be on the look out for the DVD release of the 02 show for Ahmet Ertegun's Tribute concert which we hope will capture the best of the performance by the legendary Led Zeppelin as they should through the bands and fans eyes/ears! Jimmy I hope you have your hands on this production cause when you're involved in the production it turns out with the musical craftsmenship as only Page can create!

All the best to the band, including John Baldwin (JPJ), Jason and all those on the ground crew giving Flight to the Mighty Zeppelin may it continue on and on....and on!

Thanks for all the musical memories over the decades fellas! You are truely one of a kind!

Still Rockin in NY!

DieHardZepFan (aka Vic)

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