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Rank Zeppelin Studio releases


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For sake of uniformity, I'm sticking with the 8 studio releases while they were together [yes no Coda]

Comments/reasons on some or all encouraged!

For me, starting with most to least favorite:

Presence - For me, this was their peak. It had the mystical feel of IV and HOTH, but cranked up the intensity that PG displayed to a whole new level. Achilles' Last Stand remains one of the greatest tracks ever created.

Physical Graffiti - A double-dose of uncut smack for junkies waiting almost 2 years for a new fix. Trampled Underfoot, Kashmir are obvious standouts, with The Wanton Song, The Rover and Sick Again as personal faves.

IV - My personal paradox. It is my unshaken belief this is the greatest album ever recorded, the very essence of rock. Stairway to Heaven is unquestionably the greatest rock song ever. Period. Yet it's only 3rd on my personal list. I think personal and commercial overplay is to blame. When the Levee Breaks still provokes unabashed displays of air-drumming, regadless of my surroundings.

Houses of the Holy - For me, this feels like a combination of the best elements from III and IV, while simultaneously exploring new territory. The Ocean and D'yer Mak'er are my personal favorites. While I also love The Rain Song, my favorite version is from TSRTS.

II - Over 35 years old, and these tracks are still harder and have more originality than most releases could ever hope for. Bring It On Home still brings it.

In Through the Out Door - This album was hard to adjust to, and to be completely honest, after Presence I was hoping for another double-album of the unrelenting heavy-osity that had been established. Despite this, the album showed an incredible promise of continued commitment to expand and grow. It gave me hope that Zeppelin wouldn't become a faded shadow of their former selves as the years passed, but would continue to lead. Until September 1980... Carouselambra is my personal favorite.

I - As classic as it gets, it's only this far down my list because something has to be, and over-familiarity on my part. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You stands out personally.

III - My least listened-to Zeppelin album, but still full of masterful cuts. Since I've Been Loving You and Immigrant Song are obvious standouts, while That's The Way is my sentimental favorite.

That's mine - what's yours?

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For Me (subject to change):

1. PG - Awesome album. 3 of my faves (The Rover/Kashmir/TYG), but also 2 of my least faves (Trampled Underfoot/Boogie with Stu).

2. Presence - Guitar army at its finest. Obviously ALS is one of their best ever, and I really like Hots on for Nowhere (I know a lot of people don't).

3. Fourth Album - Agree it is probably one of the best albums of all time, but just not for me right now. Not a bad song on there, in fact the one people probably like the least (Four Sticks) is one of my faves.

4. II - The Lemon Song got me into Zep. Singing Thank You to some girl in high school got me into her panties. :D

5. I - One of the best debut albums by any band of all time in my opinion. You Shook me is my personal fave off this album.

6. III - Love it all except Hats Off. Should have been Left Off. SIBLY definitely my fave off this album.

7. HOTH - Don't like the tone of this album. The Ocean and No Quarter make the album for me. Like the others, but prefer the live versions. Rain Song is really a beautiful piece of music.

8. Coda - I know it's post Bonzo, but it's a studio release. Can't stand Walter's Walk, but like the rest. Bonzo Montreux is my favorite from this album.

9. ITTOD - I don't dislike anything about the album, it just is my lowest favorite Zep album. Definitely, a step in a different direction. The drums have an excellent sound on this album. I'm Gonna Crawl and Carouselambra are my faves from this album.

Oh wait, just changed my mind. Just kidding.

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