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The Firm in LA

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I saw the Firm 3 times if memory serves. Twice in 85' and once in 86'.


The first show was March 14, 1985 at the LA Forum. I had seen Page there in 1983 at the Ronnie Lane ARMS show, which was amazing. I still remember that night clearly.

The Firm was solid at the Forum on 85. I remember  Page wearing white pants tucked into leather boots, similar to his outfit  from Day on the Green (day 2 ) in 77'. I also remember  being excited  when he played the red/purple Les Paul #3 that is briefly shown in TSRTS. Back in 85' that was the only video available of Zeppelin, there was no internet,  so we took what we could get. 

By then I had come across the BBC 1969 radio shows Zeppelin did, so I recognized the origins of "Midnight  Moonlight" from `White Summer'. It made me feel like I was in on the secret!

Of course the bow solo was the highlight, although I never thought it got that well with the Firm vibe. He essentially played the same solo as he did in 77', with the haromizer at the beginning  ut without the theremin.

I saw them again a few nights late at the Pacific Amphitheatre is Costa Mesa, Ca. I don't remember  much of that show...just that I had better seats and that they played 'Live in Peace', a song that was not released yet but I had seen the Hammersmith 1984 video so, again, I was in the loop!

In 86 I saw them again at the Pacific  Amphitheatre.  This show was much more the 'Jimmy Page Show'. He played a lot of Zep style extended solos, which was GREAT! I did leave with the feeling that he had grown bored with the band and sure enough he quit before the end of the year. 

I clearly  remember  Chris Slades drum solo with the mirrors over the drums, and Page using a neon light violin bow. Very cool effect.

2 years later I got to see Page again at the Forum on the Outrider tour from about 15 rows back. He SLAYED THAT NIGHT!



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