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Missed edit in TSRTS (2007) movie??


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Now, I've seen The Song Remains The Same movie since its original release in 1976, then several midnight showings, then the videocassette, then the DVD, then the "collectors edition" released in 2007 (with the free t-shirt, man!). 

In the movie, after the Peter Grant gangsta thang, the doves return again, but in my DVD copy it is REPEATED (at the 4:28 mark) where G and Richard Cole exit his mansion (Horselunges?) in full gangster regalia--but then a few seconds later, the movie goes to "modern day" where G is making phone calls to set up the tour.

Does anyone else have this on their 2007 version?

Rock and roll and the stroll...

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On the recent releases (2007 and up), there's a tiny bit more film on some of the reel changes. I don't think that extra clip of Grant/Cole outside the door is a repeat, it's an extra bit of film. You see Grant exit the door from that angle, where just earlier in the movie it's from a closer angle.

Another example when RP is talking about the "cosmic energy" - there is bit more of his laughing just before SIBLY than in the old releases.

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Thank you, Sam. That would explain the few parts I didn't remember seeing before, like I don't remember Bonzo putting on gloves before taking off in the dragster; maybe it's just early dementia on my part!

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