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Jimmy Pages guitar collection

Markus J

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I have a electric guitar collection at home. I am also a Led Zeppelin fan since the early years. Even though I have been listening to all the old Led Zeppelin Live performances, I still can't tell what guitars Jimmy is using when I listen to the music closely. Does anybody know some of the guitars Jimmy Page uses in his career?

Does he use a Fender Stratocaster?



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Les Paul (Obviouslt)
- I think he had two or three?
- #1, #2, Black Beauty and so on and so forth...

Fender Stratocaster
- See In the Evening Knebworth ex. 

Fender Telecaster
- Dragon

Gibson Double-Neck

Danelectric - Tuned in DADGAD for White Summer/Black Mountain Side into Kashmir and some others

Acoustic I don't know which type but I'm sure he uses a lot different

This can probably be described as the worst "Jimmy Page's Guitar Collection" collection... But anyway I do believe it covers the basic knowledge but I think someone else have done a better summary... 


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Oh man, that is an interesting question. There are his gigging guitars, some of which like his LP #1 he also used for studio, then his studio guitars.

His gigging guitars were:

LP#1, #2, & #3; his Gibson Double Neck, the Danelectro, his Brown Tele with b-bender, his blue strat, his tobacco sunburst strat, and his Dragon Tele until April 69'. He also played a Gibson RD Artist during the Knebworth gig's in 79' for MMH. His acoustics were the Martin D-28 (main acoustic), the Grazziola (believe he stopped using this one after the 71' tour), and his mandolin.

Now his studio guitars were a virtual army as he would use several different types of guitars on a single track and layer them. Jimmy used a Vox 12 string for TSRTS; TYG he uses a strat, a tele, his LP#1, and his Martin D-28. Another really good example of this is Levee. He used at least four different guitars on that song alone, one even had a couple of strings removed to get the exact sound he wanted and one guitar has one string out of tune for the same purpose. This is the reason why many Zep songs are so difficult to re-create live.

Hope that helps.


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