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The Taj Farrant Thread

R Amblinman

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I've done a search for some Taj stuff, but come up dry. So I thought I'd start a thread for him. He's got a huge following on You Tube and Facebook. Taj is 12 years old from Australia, played on stage with Carlos Santana in Vegas when he was 10. He's played with Orianthi too. Rock, blues, metal, country, jazz - he can play it all. And he's the youngest guitarist ever endorsed by Gibson - at 9 years old. See how he goes...

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Has the kid got talent, yeah for sure but this music leaves me stone cold. For me more is not more. We are in an age of over-playing and the silence between notes is getting lost. This kid even dueted with himself so he could get MORE notes in. 

All my 2 cents of course.

Ya need me I'll be off listening to BB King. He said more in one note than most will in their whole career. 

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