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Just had to get this out...

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I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, my father's record collection was vast and great and the music of Led Zeppelin was always something in my household.  There were others of course, Pink Floyd, Zappa, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Beetles... but I always gravitated more toward Led Zeppelin.  I would fall asleep in front of his stereo (which back then seemed monolithic) at night while he played his records.  I would dance, sing along, and as I grew older I came to actually understand the words to the songs.  Led Zeppelin (and, admittedly, Pink Floyd) were always at the top of my mind when it came to music.  Some parents play Mozart to their babies while they're still in the womb... my parents played Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.  There are pictures of pioneer cans stretched over my mother's tummy; I didn't believe them either until I saw the photo album.

When my friends discussed The Greats, I was always there to include Led Zeppelin.  

The very first album of my very own, which I purchased with my own money from my own job was Physical Graffiti.  A chunky multi-disc CD (back when that was a new concept) that I played on my far more inferior stereo until I played the discs to death.  Until the speakers gave up.  I'd like to say that album was the very first thing I purchased for myself, but obviously the shoddy stereo was the first.

I'm much older now.  Life has thrown a lot of things in my way, and I've taken as many face-plants as I've leapt over the hurdles.  A lot goes on in forty-odd years.  

Surely none of you will read this.  Certainly you've got your own lives to live, your own battles to fight, your own sorrows and triumphs.  I still had to say it.

Thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the beautiful music you have crafted over the years that touched me in profound ways.  You've made the darkest points in my life bearable.  You've made the highest points that much sweeter.  You still, to this day, though I've heard your songs over and over a thousand-thousand times, make me smile.  You still warm my soul.  Your music still brings me joy and, sometimes, sorrow (but it's always a kind sorrow and much needed some days).  

You made a difference in a life.

-- Just some old fan.

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