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  1. In fact the reflection looks like Jimmy! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  2. Blog updates posted regularly at http://www.tightbutloose.co.uk/
  3. Good memories, MM. You and I may have been at some of the same shows particularly if you got out to western Mass. I also saw them once at Hampton Beach, NH, a pretty big room for them. They opened with the classic TSRTS film 1-2 punch RnR-CB; mighty impressive. Spot on re the guitarist. The singer's name was Doug Putnam. The drummer went by John Mack. The original bassist/keyboardist was a guy named Garry Fox and he looked the JPJ part as well. Don't recall his replacement's name; wasn't anywhere near the JPJ look-a-like - didn't even try - but a fine musician. PG were easily the best cover band I saw as well.
  4. Then the followup scene has Ratner and Stacey riding along listening to Kashmir! ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  5. Immigrant, Heartbreaker, SIBLY, Black Dog, Dazed, STH, GTC, That's the Way, WIAWSNB, WLL, Thank You, Breakdown. I'm relying on Concert File and other previous books that have reported this running order.
  6. "Hi, Jimmy. May I ask you 50 questions?" ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  7. He meant HIPAA laws. haha Unless he was a veterinarian!
  8. I'm gonna guess BBC Paris Theatre April 1, 1971. That's the one that may sound like a studio outtake albeit with a small audience in attendance.
  9. What a time it was for live stage shows in rock music. Zeppelin, ELP, Queen, ELO etc.
  10. Yup tough to find the officially released BBC stuff on YouTube etc. Copyright and all.
  11. I think he was truly a humble and unassuming guy. Made him all the more likeable.
  12. The following full shows are available on video. 9 Jan 1970 Royal Albert Hall 24 May 1975 Earls Court 25 May 1975 Earls Court 17 July 1977 Kingdome 4 Aug 1979 Knebworth 11 Aug 1979 Knebworth
  13. Could they possibly have been planning to substitute this for SIBLY for "The 80s" North American tour. Would like to think they would have been down with showcasing more from Presence and ITTOD by then.
  14. They sure have gotten bolder since Peter Grant passed! ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  15. For some reason this occurred to me the other day and perhaps it's a bit off the board, but Poor Tom > I Can't Quit You on Coda. The sudden stop of Poor Tom then Robert kicks into ICQY. Not too shabby!
  16. Out On the Tiles was performed a few times as an encore in 1970, most famously at the LA Forum "Blueberry Hill" show on September 4th. Enjoy!
  17. Tracks: (Disc 1) 1. All My Love (final mix), 2. Unreleased Track (isolated drum track), 3. Carouselambra (isolated drum track), 4. Ozone Baby (isolated drum track), 5. Ozone Baby (isolated drum track), 6. All My Love (isolated drum track), 7. Wearing And Tearing (isolated drum track), 8. Drums Segments (isolated drum track), 9. Fool In The Rain (isolated drum track). (Disc 2) 1. Fire (rehearsal), 2. Carouselambra (rehearsals fragments), 3. Carouselambra (instrumental), 4.Unknown, 5. Wearing And Tearing, 6. Fool In The Rain (take 1), 7. Hot Dog, 8. In The Evening, 9. Southbound Suarez, 10. Darlene, 11. Fool In The Rain (take 2), 12. Carouselambra
  18. We all have a new favorite tennis player! https://sports.yahoo.com/tennis-led-zeppelin-swiateks-stairway-201115812.html
  19. I think by 1972 it was Toronto or Montreal and they could sell about 5,000 more tickets at the Forum than at the Gardens. Simple as that. Peter Grant's objective was pretty straightforward.
  20. I also have Strange Tales From the Road. All I can add is that sides C and D of this Tribute 2LP are on Strange Tales. Sides A and B are unique titles; more from the show.
  21. I also have the picture disc set with replica programme. I'm not aware of limited edition status or how many copies were circulated. There's no numbering anywhere on the set. One of the prizes of my library most definitely. I got mine from Second Coming Records in Cambridge, Mass. Thanks for the post!
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