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Malcolm Austin and the whirlwinds (Missing Grandfather)

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I am looking for more information on malcolm Austin from Jimmy pages early days, he is my grandfather and I've been tracing him on my family tree and I want to connect with him I have reached out to all possible places including two emails I have for Mr jimmy page and other agency's such as publishing and bookings to Little avail please if anyone can help me find malcolm r Austin I would be so grateful my mum wants to know her father too 

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He is my mother's father, he has three girls he hasn't seen in 40 years, I'm his middle daughters son, he was married to my grandmother and last place I know he lived was in Durham, and last we  know he was kicking about in 2020, he has tried to reach out to us through the salvation army but that was 26 years ago 

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So I know he was born 1939 epsom surrey toThompson family (my great grandmother) and lived in Surrey at oatfeild Lane till at least 1967 and then married my grandmother in 1971 Chanctonbury, Sussex then got divorced they had 3 girls to which I'm the middle girls child I won't name my family for they have asked not to, I found that he last lived in frosterley 2006 latest but sold his house, he may of had two sons one we believe to be called Dean but not 100% I found a forum with him on and a relative Alison Scott commented that's my uncle malc ill print and post to him this was around 2020, I understand 3 years have passed since then so he may not be alive, but I've a feeling he is, I know he reached out to my mum through the salvation army on at least two occasions, I would like to connect with malcolm if he is alive as he has great grandchildren now as well as multiple grandchildren, i don't want anything from malcom other than some history of the family and a relationship with my grandfather (maybe a few guitar lessons), all in all any information would be helpful, I have reach out my self to 

Salvation army 

Jimmy page info email address 

Genesis publishing to also pass Mr page a message on 

Robert plants management company to pass Mr page a message on

I've spoken to the late Robin mayhews wife she is going to speak with Mrs busson as Mr Tony busson is sadly no longer with us 

I can't find any thing on Stuart cockett

I've reached out to the estate agents who sold his house 

I've rang everywhere in frosterley, Wolsingham and surrounding villages and a lovely lady at weardale parish council is getting what information she can as she remembered him and she's 80 and lived there all her life 

I've tried to reach out to Alison on the forum to no avail 

I have searched far and wide my grandfather is a difficult man to trace  so any help would be appreciated and hopefully he wants to know us too 


Thank you kris 

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