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Puddle Town and 'The Song Remains the Same'

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Page has noted that a Zeppelin rehearsal session that included the development of the track ‘The Song Remains the Same’ was done in “Puddle Town on the River Piddle in Dorset, UK.”

What a beautifully incongruent name for the location where one of the most powerful guitar epics in the history of rock came together! (Although, if they also happened to be working on the Rain Song, it would seem to fit rather well.)

After taking a virtual stroll through Puddle Town on Google Maps, much to this Canadian's expectations, it appears to be a classic pastoral English village with no doubt a gentle pace of life and generally not a great deal of noise. It’s funny to think that on one day in (presumably) 1972, LED ZEPPELIN had invaded this quaint little town and was concocting one of the greatest rock masterpieces ever written, while the townsfolk went about their regular days, oblivious to what was taking place somewhere in their midst: the creation of the opening track of their next album, a live performance institution from 1972 on and eventual set opener, and my personal favorite Zep song.

I’m curious why they chose this location, as I haven’t heard it mentioned anywhere else as a place for Zep to record or rehearse. Not sure what connection brought them to Puddle Town…perhaps it’s another Zeppelin mystery that will never be explained (unless someone here knows?)

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