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'The Jerry Greenberg Story', a film celebrating the legendary career of Jerry Greenberg in the music industry.


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Hollywood Movie Corp, Mirage Records Announce Lou Weisbach to Represent 'The Jerry Greenberg Story'

Discover the partnership between Hollywood Movie Corp. and Mirage Records to produce 'The Jerry Greenberg Story', a film celebrating the legendary career of Jerry Greenberg in the music industry.

Hollywood Movie Corp. CEO Mikel Ravenscroft and Jerry Greenberg of Mirage Records have ignited the entertainment industry with the announcement of an exclusive representation agreement with Lou Weisbach for the global motion picture, 'The Jerry Greenberg Story: Man Behind the Music'. This film aims to chronicle the monumental impact Jerry Greenberg has had on the music industry, from his early days as a drummer to becoming the youngest president of a major record company at Atlantic Records in 1974.

Trailblazing Career of Jerry Greenberg

Greenberg's journey in the music world began with his band 'Jerry Green and The Passengers', eventually leading him to found Green-Sea Records at just 18. His tenure at Atlantic Records was marked by signing some of the most iconic acts in music history, including ABBA, The Blues Brothers, and introducing Mariah Carey to the industry. Greenberg's collaborations with legendary artists such as Michael Jackson and The Rolling Stones further cemented his legacy in music.

Lou Weisbach, CEO of In Tickets We Trust, LLC., and founder of HALO, brings a wealth of experience from both the entertainment and philanthropic worlds. Weisbach's unique contributions to the industry and his work with numerous foundations and charitable boards showcase his diverse abilities and commitment to making a difference. His partnership in producing 'The Jerry Greenberg Story' is anticipated to bring a fresh perspective to Greenberg's influential career and impact on music.

Anticipating the Impact of 'The Jerry Greenberg Story'

The collaboration between Ravenscroft, Greenberg, and Weisbach promises to deliver a compelling narrative about the music industry's evolution and the individuals who have shaped its direction. The film's production is expected to captivate audiences worldwide, highlighting the timeless influence of celebrities and the entertainment industry. With Weisbach's representation, 'The Jerry Greenberg Story' is poised to be one of the most anticipated films, emphasizing the historic effect Greenberg has had on music and culture.

This partnership not only honors Greenberg's contributions but also showcases the power of storytelling in preserving the legacy of music's most influential figures. As preparations for the film continue, the industry and audiences alike await a cinematic journey that promises to enlighten, entertain, and inspire.


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