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The True Zeppathon

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At least once in a lifetime, ideally once a year, the true Led Zeppelin fan has to do the pilgrimage of the Zeppathon.

There are multiple playlists called Zeppathon (or "Zepathon", which is just wrong). This one features all songs from the original publications in chronological order. No exceptions. No "bonus tracks" that were added later. The true Zeppelin experience.

Be well prepared. Only ONE pee break is allowed. Be a Zeppathon Finisher.


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They used to do 'Led Zeppelin A TO Z' on my local radio station where they played all of Led Zeppelins' catalog in alphabetical order and I definitely listened all the way through. they also had a 'Led Zeppelin A-Z' on the radio when I stood in line for Page and Plant tickets in the early 90s for the Unledded tour and I will never forget it!.

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Way back in the early 80' my local station (KZEW) did an A TO Z marathon and advertised they would omit a few songs and promised a prize if you could name one. I won a small poster of the Knebworth pic of them in a field. The first song they played was 'All My Love' so it obviously was not difficult.

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