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Help Zepp in a very important poll !


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Hello i'm new member from Argentina.

This post is to inform about a reunion of people that agree to turn down Zepp in the site www.itsaboutrock.com . a very important site considering there are too many bands and songs, and they basically show how royal u are with your band.

The thing is i rise Zepp to the top but then a group of AntiZeppelins go there and all together put an "1" to all Zepp songs, albums, etc.

The result is Zepp out of the top, and the inportant places....

So I want to join the most members fans of Zepp, go there and put a 100 to the great Zepp songs, albums etc.

U only can make 30 votes, but if u disconect and re-conect internet can make more votes after.

They cant put down SRH, IV and ZEPP of the nr. 1 because this are the most voted items but they will if we dont do something.

So if u are a true Zepp fan go there and show your loyalty just voting every song, album of Zepp (and make sure to put a 100 to Zepp).

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No offence to you my friend from Argentina, but I think polls like this are pointless. I remember one a couple years ago and it became this battle between Page and Hendrix fans, and ultimately some obscure guitarist from Sweden won. It's nice you want to rally the troops, but ultimately it's meaningless. We know Page is the man. But ultimately opinion polls prove nothing as the subject is subjective. Just because an artist has more fans to vote in a given poll doesn't validate the talent of said artist. And as you said, you can vote multiple times in this poll. That further takes any validity from the poll (were there any to begin with).

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