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  1. Michael Des Barres, although based on the entirety of his quote I believe was exaggerating to an entirely stoned degree himself (castles?), referred to Page as "the most stoned guy in the room".
  2. Hey, I resemble that remark! Damn Wisconsin beer and cheese and bratwurst all bloody day long! AND I've been in the dentist's chair five times in the last seven days. Damn Welsh/English genes. Doubly fucked I tell ya!!
  3. Studio: Tea For One Live: No Quarter
  4. I've always thought Tim Curry would be the ulimate Grinch! Jim Carrey...meh Karloff's narration is unmatchable, IMO! He IS the VOICE!
  5. And my handle is 2012! So 2009 sucked, but we have two more years before fuck all? I say Hey baby, let's partayyy!!!
  6. Thanks, and veddy noice to see you too! And yes Charles, enough of 09! 9, you know how it goes. Luv ya!
  7. Thanks 9 and Fan_S. My mom fell again today. I've flown out here from Wisconsin to give her a shoulder to lean on, but I go back on Tuesday. It's been 3 weeks and I need to take care of business back there. I need to go home and be with Angi. Fortunately, mom's daughtr in law has arranged to stay here through Xmas. So that's good as she will be staying with mom and can look after her. Sucks like hell when your parents get fragile though. Half of me wants to flee the constant hospital visits and be with Angi, the other wants to hold my mom's hand. It's the worst. It fucking sucks.
  8. Stepdad (age 87) has been diagnosed with a fractured hip after he fell off the x-ray table while in the hospital. WTF?? Fortunately his blood is no longer toxic, though he got staph from his dialysis cath. Hospitals. Run me over with a bus when my time comes, please! Can I sign a DNR here?
  9. Boris Karloff's narration is classic! They even took the roast beast
  10. I love all the Rankin Bass stuff from childhood! Rudolph, Shiny New Year, Santa's Coming to Town, Frosty... "Happy Birthdaaaayyyy"
  11. The mystery lives on! Wiki: Characters named Bert and Ernie appear in the film It's a Wonderful Life as a policeman and a taxi driver, respectively, but those behind Sesame Street claim that it's merely a coincidence. Jerry Juhl, a writer on many Henson-related projects, said that "Despite his many talents, Jim had no memory for details like this. He knew the movie, of course, but would not have remembered the cop and the cabdriver". Karolyn Grimes, the actress who played Zuzu Bailey, has publicly claimed that the two Muppets were named after the characters "because the movie was Jim Henson's favorite".
  12. You're killing me!! Oh my macho pride!!
  13. Man you just posted my reply damn near word for word! I need that movie every year. It's not Christmas until I've popped it in the DVD player! Perfect tree trimming or lazing about being cozy movie! (pretend it's a hot toddy!) - Well, I-I suppose twenty dollars. - Twenty dollars. Now you're talking. Gets me every time!
  14. Love it and always have, just the way it is! btw, were Robert's blouses in 73 any more revealing than the leather vests in 70?
  15. Angi nabbed this one at the library this week. First in line. Can't wait to get off the plane in WI next week and dig in!!!
  16. 20 years ago, my band's setlist was: Spirit of Radio Red Barchetta Anthem Bastille Day YYZ Freewill Lakeside Park 2112 Passage to Bangkok Fly By Night>In the Mood The Trees>Xanadu Tom Sawyer Limelight Jacob's Ladder La Villa Strangiato Can't believe I was both guitarist and SINGER!!!
  17. I finally got it out! Please don't make me remember!!!!!
  18. lives out on a farm in Wisconsin. It ain't Bron-Yr-Aur, but it sure don't suck!

  19. Saturday Night Live May 14, 1977. Host Shelley Duvall. Attack of the Moonies sketch: Deprogrammer 1: Led Zeppelin! Led Zeppelin! Led Zeppelin! LED ZEPPELIN!! [ they rise to speak privately ] Deprogrammer 1: Man, I say we give up on this Moonie! She's not gonna crack! Deprogrammer 2: Yes, she WILL!! Now, I have -- look, I have deprogrammed TOUGHER kids than this one! Now, look -- come on! Deprogrammer 1: [ sighing ] It's been five days! Deprogrammer 2: [ to the moonie ] Look... don't you want all of this to end? Huh? Just renounce that Sun Myung Moon character... and you can go back home to your parents! Moonie: [ in a monotone ] The Unification Church is my family. I don't like my parents. Deprogrammer 1: [ he sighs ] How 'bout your dog? Don't you want to go see your dog? Moonie: I don't have a dog. Deprogrammer 1: Do you have a cat? Moonie: I don't have a cat. Deprogrammer 1: Well, we'll buy you a cat! [ cutesy ] A little kitten! Yuo can call it "Booooots", or "Whiskers", or "Muffin", or ANYTHING YOU LIKE!!! Deprogrammer 2: Shhhh... Moonie: I don't like animals. Deprogrammer 2: Look -- you can catch up on TV! Now, I bet you haven't seen the new Fall shows! Deprogrammer 1: Rhoda got divorced, you know. It's, uh -- everything's changed. Deprogrammer 2: Of course, you missed Mary's last show, you know, uh -- but... I'm sure they'll probably rerun it. Moonie: Television is the Devil's paintbrush. I don't like television. Deprogrammer 1: I'm gonna put on that Mamas & Papas album one more time, see what happens. [ a knock at the door ] Deprogrammer 1: There's the kid from Burger King. Moonie: I don't like Burger King. Burgers are the Devil's scouring pads. Deprogrammer 1: Well, don't worry -- we got you a Whaler with cheese. [ he answers the door, but it's Sun Myung Moon on the other side ] Deprogrammer 1: Oh, no!! Sun Myung Moon: Good ev-e-ning! I am the Reverand Sun Myung Moon, leader of the Moo-nies! [ music sting ] [ title card: "Night of the Moonies" ] Sun Myung Moon: We have come... for... the girl! Deprogrammer 1: This kid's going BACK to her family!! Sun Myung Moon: Whyyyy do you resist us? It is so much more preseant to surrender and become one of us. Submit to the uneffortable, free yourself of human emotion. Want to come to our bicentennial rally? Deprogrammer 1: You're crazy!! You think I'm gonna join your gang of zombies?! You must be NUTS!! Sun Myung Moon: Noooo?? Perhaps your wife will be able to change your mind, Round Eyes! [ Moon leads Deprogrammer 1's zombified wife through the door ] Deprogrammer 1: [ alarmed ] It IS my wife! Honey! Deprogrammer 2: [ examines her listless face ] She's not your wife any more, man. She's a moonie! Wife: Why struggle, dear? Give in. I've sold the house and car and all your possessions, and given the money to Reverand Moon. Deprogrammer 1: [ he gasps ] NO!! NO!! Wife: Your shirts, your slacks, your ties, your power tools... Deprogrammer 1: My power tools?!! Wife: Your beer can collection, your monogrammed golf clubs, your RCA home entertainment center, your electric wok. Deprogrammer 1: Oh, how could you do it, honey?! Wife: They're all gone... Sun Myung Moon: [ sinisterly ] We will keep... the electric wok! Deprogrammer 2: Don't!! Don't listen to 'em!! [ he turns and shoves Moon and Deprogrammer 1's wife out the door ] Get out of here!! Get out of here!! [ to Deprogrammer 1 ] Look, we can't save her now! [ continues shoving Moon out the door ] Get out!! [ he slams the door ] Now, come on, you've GOT to help me!! They're gonna probably try to get in now!! Deprogrammer 1: Yeah, right! Deprogrammer 2: Help me block this door!! [ they push furniture in front of the door, as other moonies begin to smash in the window ] Deprogrammer 2: Now, get over there to the window -- here they come, here they come!! [ the moonies try to push their literature through the empty panes, as Deprogrammer 1 begins to hammer boards over the window ] Deprogrammer 1: Get away!! Get out of here!! Voice of a Moonie: How are you? Would you like to buy a flower and help the Reverand Moon? Deprogrammer 2: NO!! I'm not interested!! Voice of a Moonie: Have a nice day! Deprogrammer 1: They're all over the place!! Deprogrammer 2: I KNOW THAT!! Voice of a Moonie: Would you like to make a donation..? Deprogrammer 1: A quarter? [ he takes a brochure from one of the moonies and begins to read it ] Deprogrammer 2: I don't know HOW long -- I don't know how long we cna hold out! I don't even know how many of them there are! They could have HUNDREDS of brochures, man. They might even have a sound truck! [ he turns and notices the brochure in Deprogrammer 1's hand ] Hey, what's that you're reading there? Hey, man! Look! Listen, man!! [ he tears the brochure away and shoves Deprogrammer 1 down onto a bed ] Do you want to end up like one of those goons out there?!! Deprogrammer 1: NO, NO!! Deprogrammer 2: Stop reading that stuff!! You understand?!! Deprogrammer 1: NO!! NO...!! [ Deprogrammer 1 rises slowly, his eyes now darkened circles ] Deprogrammer 1: [ in a monotone ] I am one of them now. It is really pleasant. [ to Deprogrammer 2 ] Hello! How are you? Are you busy right now? Can I walk with you just a little bit? You're probably on your way to work. It's Gentlemen's Day today! It's Gentlemen's Day today! Why don't you come with me just now..? [ Deprogrammer 1 rises, as Deprogrammer 2 inches away toward the front door ] Deprogrammer 2: You -- you can stay here, man, I'm getting the hell out of here! [ Deprogrammer 2 frantically pulls the furniture away from the front door and thrusts it open. Sun Myung Moon and some of the other moonies proceed to re-enter. ] Sun Myung Moon: It's time for you to join us! Here is your button! Deprogrammer 2: NOOOOO!!!! NOOOOO!!!! Deprogrammer 1: [ as he unties the rope around the first Moonie's ] Hi! How are you? May I interest you in some literature? If you'd care to make a small donation... Deprogrammer 2: NOOOOO!!!! NOOOOO!!!! [ unnoticed by anyone, the Sheriff enters the motel room ] Sheriff: Yeah, Chief, there's a whole lot of those moonies here! Yeah, okay! Check! [ the Sheriff proceeds to shoot each moonie one at a time, firing nine shots. Various moonies shout "Have a nice day!" before being shot. At last, the Sheriff shoots and kills Sun Myung Moon. ] Deprogrammer 2: Thank God! Thank God, man! Thank God you came here! Sheriff: Yeah, Chief? Okay, I'm gonna head down to that corner, there's an ol' rat's nest in here, I got one more moonie to kill! Deprogrammer 2: Oh, no, man! I'm not a moonie! Sheriff: Alright! Deprogrammer 2: I'm not -- I'm not a moonie! [ the Sheriff fires two shots at Deprogrammer 2 ] Sheriff: Yeah, that really is a tragedy about San Diego. They never had proper law enforcement techniques down there, anyway. [ he chuckles ] Alright! [ the Sheriff exits the motel room, leaving dead bodies everywhere as "The End" creeps onscreen ] [ close-up, as the original moonie rises from the floor and smiles toward the camera ] Moonie: Hello! How are you? Have you heard about the Unification Church? Do you mind if we talk for a while?
  20. No Plant, no Bron-Yr-Aur trip (that's just one example). Nothing would have gone the same.
  21. Ever check out Badlands? That's a kickass album if ever there was one!! Jake, Ray Gillen, Greg Chaisson and Eric Singer. I love that album!!! Gillen and Singer left Black Sabbath during the Eternal Idol sessions and hooked up with Jake. Sadly Ray died of AIDS related illnes in 1993. I had the privelidge of seeing them in a small Orange County club, and was lucky to have my elbows on the stage by Jake's pedalboard. They were a truly ass kicking band!! My ears rang for days!!
  22. If you're gonna do anything more invasive than drawing blood, knock my ass OUT!!! You can take that local shit and stick it in yer own ass! Take me down the fucking rabbit hole man! And don't be in no hurry about it either! Take me down sloooooowwwww.
  23. It'll be even less Kiss soon enough. Gene and Doc are putting together their own official Kiss tribute band. They will tour as "Kiss Forever", while Gene and Paul hang up the greasepaint and settle into their roles as overseers of the brand. Tommy Thayer will be out on the fairway, and maybe Eric Singer will get back with Jake E Lee. I miss that guy!
  24. That was a really enjoyable break! Thanks!!
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