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Replacements' Twin/Tone Catalog Reissued, Expanded


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Those long in the works Replacements reissues are finally here! Whether you've never pored over their tales of Upper Midwestern debauchery and desperation, or you just need to switch out your tired, beer-soaked copies for shiny new models, there's plenty for fans and new converts to dig into throughout Rhino's deluxe editions of the 'Mats' four releases for the Twin/Tone label.

On April 22, Rhino will throw a ton of stuff you've never heard on the back of these classic Replacements platters. 1981's Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash gets a bunch of demos and outtakes as well as the B-side "If Only You Were Lonely", the 1982 EP Stink gets some covers, 1983's Hootenanny gets rough mixes and alternate takes, and 1984's Let It Be (Pitchfork's 29th favorite album of the 1980s) gets T. Rex and the Grass Roots covers.

The reissues were overseen by producer/Replacements manager Peter Jesperson, and according to a press release, the band was involved in picking the bonus tracks.

Rhino plan to do all this again later this year with similarly stuffed reissues of the band's Sire catalog, including Tim, Pleased to Meet Me, Don't Tell a Soul, and All Shook Down.

In other Replacements news, All Over but the Shouting, a book about the band with contributions from Jesperson, Twin/Tone label co-founder Paul Stark, the Hold Steady's Craig Finn, R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, and Hüsker Dü's Bob Mould and Grant Hart, is out now on Voyageur Press.

Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash:

Original album:

01 Takin a Ride

02 Careless

03 Customer

04 Hangin Downtown

05 Kick Your Door Down

06 Otto

07 I Bought a Headache

08 Rattlesnake

09 I Hate Music

10 Johnny's Gonna Die

11 Shiftless When Idle

12 More Cigarettes

13 Don't Ask Why

14 Somethin to Dü

15 I'm in Trouble

16 Love You Till Friday

17 Shutup

18 Raised in the City

Bonus tracks:

19 Raised in the City (live 1980 demo, previously unreleased)

20 Shutup (live 1980 demo, previously unreleased)

21 Don't Turn Me Down (live 1980 demo previously unreleased)

22 Shape Up (live 1980 demo, previously unreleased)

23 You Ain't Gotta Dance (studio demo, previously unreleased)

24 Get on the Stick (studio demo, previously unreleased)

25 Oh Baby (studio demo, previously unreleased)

26 Like You (outtake, previously unreleased)

27 Get Lost (outtake, previously unreleased)

28 A Toe Needs a Shoe (outtake, previously unreleased)

29 Customer (alternate take, previously unreleased)

30 Basement Jam (rehearsal, previously unreleased)

31 If Only You Were Lonely


Original EP:

01 Kids Don't Follow

02 Fuck School

03 Stuck in the Middle

04 God Damn Job

05 White And Lazy

06 Dope Smokin Moron

07 Go

08 Gimme Noise

Bonus tracks:

09 Staples in Her Stomach (outtake, previously unreleased)

10 Hey, Good Lookin' (outtake, previously unreleased)

11 (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock (outtake, previously unreleased)

12 You're Getting Married (Paul Westerberg solo home demo, previously unreleased)


Original album:

01 Hootenanny

02 Run It

03 Color Me Impressed

04 Willpower

05 Take Me Down to the Hospital

06 Mr. Whirly

07 Within Your Reach

08 Buck Hill

09 Lovelines

10 You Lose

11 Hayday

12 Treatment Bound

Bonus tracks:

13 Lookin' for Ya

14 Junior's Got A Gun (outtake, rough mix, previously unreleased)

15 Ain't No Crime (outtake, previously unreleased)

16 Johnny Fast (outtake, rough mix, previously unreleased)

17 Treatment Bound (alternate version, previously unreleased)

18 Lovelines (alternate vocal, previously unreleased)

19 Bad Worker (Paul Westerberg solo home demo, previously unreleased)

Let It Be:

Original album:

01 I Will Dare

02 Favorite Thing

03 We're Comin' Out

04 Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out

05 Androgynous

06 Black Diamond

07 Unsatisfied

08 Seen Your Video

09 Gary's Got a Boner

10 Sixteen Blue

11 Answering Machine

Bonus tracks:

12 20th Century Boy

13 Perfectly Lethal (outtake, previously unreleased)

14 Temptation Eyes (outtake, previously unreleased)

15 Answering Machine (Paul Westerberg solo home demo, previously unreleased)

16 Heartbeat - It's a Lovebeat (outtake, rough mix, previously unreleased)

17 Sixteen Blue (outtake, alternate vocal, previously unreleased)

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The Replacements Opt for Reissues Over Reunion

By Wes Orshoski

NEW YORK (Billboard) - With 1982's "Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash," Minneapolis' famously ragtag band of misfits, the Replacements, began an inspiring, influential and ultimately anti-climactic journey that has come to embody the very spirit of rock 'n' roll.

Or, at least, the romantic notion of an American rock'n'roll band: four kids in a van making a play for fortune and fame. If they never really achieved either, the band's legend lives on, and has become bigger than ever.

Click here for the rest of the article as well as an interview with Tommy Stinson and Paul Westerberg.

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