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  1. I didn't appreciate MOAM for what they really were (best band in the universe) back when I posted this... For better or worse, I miss Ol' Scratch.
  2. I check the site every once in a while, but most of the time I have nothing to say. Usually I just facepalm and groan inwardly at how backwards and dead the Other Bands forum is. The music is what used to anchor me to this place, and my tastes have changed radically since I first joined on the old site. I don't know how Jahfin, Swede, and the few others who actively explore and find new and rare music can stand the stagnation.
  3. Yes. Man or Astro-Man? have been my favorite band ever since I checked them out proper. (That's Star Crunch in my avatar). I'm still missing a few key singles and their tour only CD A Spectrum of Finite Scale. Their vinyl only singles/EPs are incredibly rare. One thing that bugs me though is how they're pigeon-holed into the surf genre, even though they got steadily more experimental and spacey and beginning with 1000x they have more in common with Chrome, Sonic Youth, and Syd Barret than Dick Dale. I've found most surf bands to be quite bland and samey, but the ones that I like are:
  4. I didn't listen to them when I used to hang around here. I've heard 6-7 of their albums. Favorites are Akuma No Uta and the hardcore thrash version of Vein. I diss ALL of RHCP's stuff, old and new. I've never been more than lukewarm towards them. I only recently checked out a few of Frusciante's albums and they've blown me away. On a completely different level than the Peppers.
  5. The Mountain Goats - Zopilote Machine
  6. John Frusciante does his best Eddie Hazel impression on the opening track of the album he released just last month: His solo work is so much better than the RHCP it's embarrassing. Boris comes to mind, but many of their songs are to long to post on Youtube. Don't like Wilco much beyond A Ghost Is Born. There's some good solos in there.
  7. This is true. It's very very good, but... Oh please. Silly music magazines, Radiohead can't be beaten. I said so, and that makes it a fact.
  8. Ah man... these arguments never get old. The 70's purists just keep beating that rock n' roll horse... hoping that it will die (when in reality it's stronger than ever) because if rock is dead then it means they don't have to change. Embrace the new and the old. The music industry has never really changed - the garbage has always been in the mainstream and on the TV. (ever heard of Tin Pan Alley, or perhaps The Monkees, The Partridge Family, The Osmonds? When was their heyday again? How is American Idol any worse?)
  9. I'm listening to Sonic Youth's album Sister on my DISCMAN, of all things. I haven't used this thing in years - had to break it out again with my iPod only running through one channel on headphones right now. I really hope the repair doesn't cost much.
  10. I just knew there was a reason why I'd never gotten around to buying their albums. I'll be getting Let It Be first... the T Rex cover should be interesting.
  11. OK back when I started this thread the link was to a bogus rumour. Here's the real deal: http://www.radiohead.com/tourdates/ or at least what they've decided on thus far. Still doesn't look good for me.
  12. De-Loused In The Comatorium is an amazing album. I haven't liked anything else they've released very much, though I haven't listened to the newest album yet.
  13. Well, with so many of the candidates out of the running, I'd say the only one left I'd like to see win now is Obama. I don't align myself to either the Democrat or Republican parties, I just think he's more trustworthy than McCain or Clinton.
  14. Not counting singles or EPs (though I have many from these artists): Radiohead Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd My Bloody Valentine Joy Division The Doors Television The Velvet Underground Sigur Ros ...though many of those only have 2 or 3 albums total, so it's not like it was on any special effort of mine.
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