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CD v. Vinyl Replica

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What about the sound did you not like? I don't think I've head it (with out knowing).

Was it treble heavy, too much bass, too loud, too dark or was it thin sounding or something else? Resting your ear's before critically listening to something is a must.

I can remember hearing the 1980's "House's Of The Holy" disc and the two song's running into one another as the early poster said. And one of my older sister's had the LP from the 1970's (don't know what has become of it), it was (if I recall correctly) nicely done, just as good as the "4th" album (she had that one too). We didn't have a well preped room for critical listing and that's been some decades ago so, I really can't say all that much good or evil.

I do remember "The Song Remains The Same" LP being a bit harsh and treble friendly, the "1st" album has a very warm and fuzzy feeling. I got "In Through The Out Door" and "Coda" with in a few weeks of there hitting the shelves (USA), "In Through The Out Door" was not very warm and had some hard sound's on it. "Coda" had many different sounds to it.

Digital technology has come a long way in 20+ years, mastering is an art that even I as a recording guy get's slapped in the face with if I don't watch what I'm doing. There is so many variables and shades of coloring that can make or brake a master. cool.gif

i thought that it was a lot louder than the original discsand lacking in subtlety in comparison. the quiet sections weren't so quiet. i first heard it in an old noisy car on the motorway and thought it sounded good, but on getting it home i wasnt as impressed. i did a comparison against the jap replicas and preferred them. perhaps the fact that it sounded good in a noisy car suggests that it was mastered for modern listening ie ipods

incidentally, with ref to the jap replicas, i seem to recall (it may have been on the previous forum) that someone had a complaint against HOTH and had bought a poor quality one (i thgink it had some kind of hiss on some songs) fortunately mine is ok, and others had no problems with theirs, so that person may have just been very unlucky

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