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A Legend Returns - Jimmy Page with The Firm


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A Legend Returns - Jimmy Page with The Firm

THE STARS AND STRIPES Monday, December 17, 1984


A legend is back.

Jimmy Page, the guitar virtuoso whose power chording influenced an entire generation of

young guitarists, who was the guiding force behind Led Zeppelin, is back with a new

formation, The Firm.

With him, as lead vocalist, is another relic of rock history: Paul Rodgers, the man whose

smooth voice smoked its way through songs such as Feel Like Making Love and other hits for the

million-selling band, Bad Company. Amid chants of "We want Jimmy," Page,

Rodgers, drummer Chris Slade (of Manfred Mann fame) and bassist Tony Franklyn took to

the stage recently for three shows in Germany. For most of the thousand or so fans at each

show, just seeing Page perform live was enough. With the old Zeppelin flash, the heavy duty axeman

prowled around stage, the ever-present cigarette in his mouth, beating the dickens out of

his guitar. The crowd's frenzy heightened when, under a sophisticated laser light show, Page

launched into his patented violin bow technique.

But those fans who came expecting Led Zeppelin or Bad Company tunes left

disappointed. What they got was an interesting blend of Bad Co.'s simple hard rock melodies

highlighted by Page's complex Zeppelin-esque guitar riffs, replete with feedback, fuzztone and


Featured were songs from Rodgers' 1983 solo album, Cut Loose, from Page's soundtrack to the

movie Death Wish II, and tunes from The Firm, the group's debut album. It will be released in


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