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Led Zeppelin off for Europe


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Led Zeppelin off for Europe

Chicago Tribune 6-29-80

by Kurt Loder

Led Zeppelin may be revving up for an American tour, although there are no definite plans. On June 17, they were scheduled to embark on a three-week trek through Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium - their first Continental tour since 1973, and the first gigs they've played anywhere since their critically slagged appearance at England's Knebworth last summer.

Before kicking off the tour, Zep members Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham spent a night in London checking out some new bands. They first caught Texas' Fabulous Thunderbirds at the Marquee and then dropped by a club called the Golden Lion to see the Jags, a new Island Records act. "They came down on the off chance we'd be good" says Jag singer Nick Watkinson, "and they came backstage afterward to tell us how much they enjoyed the show. The only thing was, they told us we should've done "Stairway to Heaven" as an encore.

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